Top 10 Rolling Paper Alternatives in 2021

If you are a smoker, then you know about the rolling paper very well but you can’t get it from everywhere. In such kind of situation, using rolling paper alternatives and substitutes are the best choice. If you are not having a rolling paper, then you can use other paper-based materials like gum wrappers, cigarette paper, and yellow page.

When it comes to the rolling paper alternatives you have plenty of options.

  1. Hookah Pipe 

The term hookah could be derived from the huqqa Urdu word which is the meaning of Pipe. This kind of smoking device is originated on the Indian Subcontinent which spread across the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the best ways to smoking tobacco which is gaining popularity in Asia and Europe. It is an effective method with hashish. If you are looking to mix your weed with tobacco or Shisha then you are advised to place it on the bottom along with cannabis on the top.

  1. Dab Rigs 

It is the best rolling paper alternatives because it might allow you to consume the potent cannabis extract like a honeycomb, shatter, and budder. It is using the flash vaporization method for processing the concentrates. Instead of lighter, you might use the blowtorch. Most of the people believe that dabbing is considered a healthier method of using marijuana when compared to smoking. But remember one thing; it might not involve combustion which makes vapor pure cannabis rather than smoke.

  1. Apples 

It is one of the convenient and fun ways to smoke cannabis. As we know, Apple is the most accessible and famous fruits across the world. But, it could be converted into smoking devices. All you need to create an apple pipe in an apple, aluminum foil, and pen. Before you start, you must pick fresh apple which might not fall apart. You can also make use of pen substitutes like pencils, pen caps, or strong straws.

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  1. Corn Husk

If you are a health-conscious smoker then using corn husks could be the finest choice. In California and Jamaica, it is widely used as rolling paper alternatives or other kinds of devices. This kind of husks is all-natural which is considered a healthier method of smoking cannabis. It is simple to roll up because it has fibrous which means it could be secured to hold marijuana. If you are looking for a healthy, fun, and unique way to smoke marijuana then corn hush is the best choice.

  1. Hot Knives 

Actually, hot knives are one of the oldest methods of smoking hashish or cannabis. You must require one or two knives and heating elements. If you are using stove then try to turn it on the medium heat and place steel knives over a burner. It allows you to heat up the knife and weeds to stick it. When you handle the hot knives then you must carefully handle it or else it might burn your hands. Once you touch marijuana then it might instantly start to product smoke so you can inhale it.

Some of the people are not using a knife and they place marijuana directly onto the heating element using foil. This method might work well because it offers less control over the direction of the smoke.

  1. Plastic lung

It is not completely easy to make but it might provide you extremely high smoking method. It is the perfect rolling paper alternatives and it minimizes airflow functionality. If you wish to make plastic lung then you must have a plastic container, aluminum foil, scissors, plastic bag, and tape. The capacity of the container might depend on the size of the bag which you have used when you make a lung. If you make a larger bag then you can get more smoke and higher you will get. Follow the instructions which are really beneficial to make plastic lung based on your needs.

  1. Soda can 

Smoking marijuana from the soda can is most famous among new smokers because it could be easily converted into smoking devices. Just bend the can in half and put weed inside the crease. Most people might worry about the negative health effects of using soda cans but aluminum can is safe to use. Some people are willing to use this can because it offers more convenient options. It can provide an excellent smoking experience when you properly use it.

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  1. Rose Blunts 

Most people not aware of it and when it comes to rolling paper alternatives, it is an effective method of using cannabis. If you wish to prepare the rose blunt then you must require three rose petals and oven. To prepare the rose blunt, you should preheat the oven for broil and set the rose petals. Once the oven is hot enough then you can place it on the pan inside the oven. Take the rose petals and stick it together for making a blunt wrap.

  1. Tin Foil 

It is one of the best rolling paper alternatives and it is considered a convenient and easy method. Just wrap a piece of aluminum around the pencil and create it into the cylinder or cone shape. You should leave the extra tin foil at the end of the rolled portion so you can get an excellent smoking experience. Tinfoil pipes are quick, easy, and disposable when you are looking to make it in a hurry.

  1. Water bottle 

A plastic water bottle is retrofitted into the smoking tools. You are recommended to poke a hole in the side of the bottle and place aluminum foil on the mouthpiece. Some people prefer to create a hole in the bottom of the bottle and it works well. If you are a beginner to use this method then you are recommended to avoid it because you might face some issues to handle it.

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There are tons of ways there to put tobacco in the pipe and smoke it. Using pre roller cones or rolling paper handy but it is not just an option. All substitutes and alternative options are completely easy to use and completely better than others. Just use any of the methods to get the amazing smoking experience as per your requirements.