Top 10 world famous drywall alternatives in 2022

Drywall alternatives – Drywall is also called wallboard, sheetrock, gypsum board, and custard board. In a simple term, it is the construction material that is widely used to make ceilings and walls. It is literally suitable to office, home, school, and grocery store. People are showing interest in drywall because it is completely easy to install as well as durable. There are tons of advantages there on drywall like easy installation, appearance, and durability.

Now a day, it is not gaining huge popularity because of its weight. And, it is not as flexible as the plaster so people are looking for the best drywall alternatives for their home. You no need to stick with the drywall because better and durable options are available.

Here are the very best drywall alternatives that you can use.

Wood Planks 

If you are looking for the best and perfect alternative to drywall then wood planks are the best choice because it is really useful to achieve the rustic look. It could be the perfect one for building a wall and it is not required maintenance once it is hung.

Once you choose it then you can enjoy the natural beauty of the wood. If you are seeking for the rustic country style home then wood plank is the finest choice because it provides a rustic country style home. The main benefit of using this option is you can choose from different kinds of wood to achieve your required look.

Plastic Panels

Initially, people are not satisfied with the plastic walls but trust is that plastic panels could be the best one for several reasons. The major advantage of using this was completely easy to install and hang. It is not taking more time to install.

If you are seeking for cheapest and best drywall alternatives then the plastic panel is the best choice. There are tons of reasons there to choose this alternative among those few vital things are the easy installation process and it directly covers up the walls. It is convenient because you can put it right over the studs.

It has mold-resistant properties so anyone can easily clean the panel. It is the perfect option for rooms which is having a lot of moisture.


If you are in the budget and looking to decorate your home then you can concern about plywood is the perfect alternative to drywall. It could be purchased at a reasonable price and easy to work. At the same time, it is considered as easiest materials that you can use it for building a wall when you are not having about decorating your home.

You need to do screw the wall for placing it. You no need to hire an experienced builder to make use of it. As we know, screwing plywood is relatively simple.

The attractive benefits of using plywood are that it is really beneficial to save your money and time when you build walls. If you are looking to improve look for the plywood then you can paint it based on your needs.

Veneer Plaster 

Veneer plaster is a convenient option and best drywall alternatives. It is providing huge numbers of the benefits rather than drywall. Anyone can easily make use of veneer plaster without having sufficient experience.

However, this method is considered time-consuming. Installing veneer plaster is the simple process which you should have to go through to finish things properly. If you are looking to save your money then you can choose this option because you no need to hire a skilled person to work with it. Once you install it on your home then it can offer a nice look.


Fortunately, pegboard is the convenient one to use when you are looking to add extra storage to the room. People are showing interest to use this wall in the garage to hang their tools. It is not having any sort of complicated finishing process.

Just screwing it where it needs so you can easily use it based on your needs. Remember one thing; it is not providing lots of visual styles but you can use it at the garage. You can easily install it because it is required the only screw.

You are advised to find out the studs at your wall and position pegboard properly. If you are looking to interior your workshop or garage then using pegboard is a perfect choice. The convenient pegs might be placed where you might hang tools.

Lath and Plaster

If you wish to build your walls in the traditional method then lath and plaster are the best choices because it is widely as the drywall alternatives. Before the advent of drywall, it could be used as a very prevalent option. It is not the easiest method to hang it on the wall but it could be effective. Even, it is having a convenient installing option to build a very nice wall.

If you are looking for a perfect drywall alternative then it is the best choice because it is really useful to improve your home look. The main benefit of using lath and plaster is to you can install the insulation without facing any troubles.

Wahoo walls 

According to the studies says that wahoo walls are customizable one which is widely used for basement finishing. It is designed with the non-organic products which are having expanded polystyrene core.

The attractive feature of this wall is to it has waterproof properties so it might not support the growth of mold. If you are looking to decorate your home ineffective way then using drywall alternatives is the best choice.

Real wood wall paneling

It is commonly associated with the wood veneer pressboard which is gaining huge popularity in recent years. It comes with easy to attach. It is the best choice for a kid’s room because it provides an amazing look.

Basement wall finishing systems

It is considered as the complete wall system and anyone can easily install it without facing any issues. If you are planning to install it then you can get into the wall panels.

Textured wall panels 

This kind of panel is also known as 3d panels and it is completely different from other kinds of wall coverings like wallpaper, fabric, and paint.

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If you are looking to decorate your home most safely then you can take advantage of the drywall alternative because it is beneficial to enhance the look of your home. Based on your sense of style, you can choose the alternative based on your needs. Try to choose the alternative which is mold resistant and water-resistant because it is helpful to protect your walls. You might also pick the method which is completely easy to install.

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