List Of 10 Alternatives to College Options Can Change Your Life

What course should I take? Shall I join my dad’s business? What others will think? A conservative mindset has strongly got settled in the minds of the people in the society that college is mandatory. Yes, in a college you can attain more knowledge, learn new things, improve communication skills, enjoy, increase your popularity, make new friends, etc.

But what if under some circumstances you cannot go to a college? Or You don’t want to go to college. Are there any alternatives to college, which can compensate for it? or maybe make your life much better than it is after college. Let’s find out:

List of Top 10 Alternatives to College Option

Start a business

So, you don’t want to go to college then why not start a business. You don’t need to make a huge investment to start a business. There are many ideas by which you can earn even with a small or no investment at all. And in this era of the internet it has never been so simple to start a business like:


  • Online business
  • Stock trading
  • Online reselling (0 investment required)
  • Create a blog


It is one of the best alternatives to college. Freelancing is the easiest way to generate income nowadays, based on your skills you can do the job. Freelancing offers you a lot of freedom that any regular 9 to 5 jobs can’t, it is very dynamic and beneficial. You just need to have skills and, you can earn as much as a graduate who just passed out of college, or even more.


  • Choose the amount of workload
  • Be your own boss
  • Work according to your time
  • More time for your relationships
  • You get less sick

Online Courses

What if you don’t get to go to college; you can learn on your own, by joining into online courses, which will provide you excellent quality knowledge, like college or even better alternatives to College. You can learn many skills and gain knowledge which will help you excel in life. There are many websites like Udemy, Coursera, etc. which will provide you excellent teaching at a price; maybe less than which, you would have invested in a college. There is no limit you have the will to learn.


  • Freedom on Learning
  • Learning on your Freetime

Join the Army

One of the best alternatives to college and to serve the nation. anyone can fulfill his/her dream of serving the nation by joining the army after high school. There are various entries where you can join the army after 12th.

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NDA and NA Examination & TES (Technical entry scheme) for high school science graduates. By NDA and NA, you can not only apply for Army but for Airforce and Navy too. For nation lovers, it’s a good gateway towards serving the nation after high school.


  • High Salary
  • Diverse Training
  • Wide Range of Future Career


Apprenticeship is a way of earning with learning, which means it is the training period of a particular skill or a set of skills for which you will be paid. It’s a good way to invest your time instead of going to college and learning the bookish things. It gives you practical knowledge about the world and how it works, what kinds of jobs and skills are, which you require in the real world. Apprentices are trained by the person who is already an expert in their field.


  • Can Avail Learning Opportunity
  • Improves Your Working Skill

Just do a job

Just do a job. There are many jobs in the world which don’t require any college degree. These kinds of jobs require skill and practical knowledge. There are many skill-based found in an array of industries. You can be as a Programmer, Commercial Pilots, Air-Traffic Controllers, Small Businessmen, Real-estate Agent, Artist, Cabin Crew and many more.


  • Getting Paid for Learning at Job
  • Hassle-free Future

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Volunteering can also be an amazing work to do, it can give you inner happiness, with a peace of mind. It plays a crucial role in the community; it offers help to the people in need. It helps you connect with new people, make friends and learn new skills. It reduces unwanted stress, which cannot be ignored in a job and also reduces the chances of going into depression. Some of its benefits are:


  • Helps you to connect with other people
  • Good for your body and mind
  • Uplifts your career
  • Brings joy in life

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Content Creator

In the 21st Century, content creation is at its boom; you can become successful in this field if you work hard. Nowadays making videos is the best way to make passive income, many people are uploading videos on apps like Youtube, Tiktok, Vigo, etc. by creating videos and gaining popularity you can earn income by paid sponsorships and even making your merchandise. It’s a very popular way nowadays.


  • Improves your Writing Skills
  • Can earn handsome money
  • Work from home

Tuition Classes

This field in itself has an enormous capacity in it and its growing too. If you are an expert in any field you can easily generate income through it. You can open coaching classes and slowly gain popularity by, giving quality teaching. Further, you can take this to the next level by, creating online courses and making it a digital product and branding it.


  • Part-time Earnings
  • Can Help Students

Write a book

If you are good at fiction or storytelling, you can write a book in your free time. It will not only help you in improving your writing skills and gives you confidence. You can also do content marketing of the work you have done in the past that will not only let you gain popularity but also give you future scope in writing.


  • Express your Thoughts
  • Be Passionate

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So, these were the list of 10 alternatives to college options that can change your life. You don’t need to have a college degree to succeed. you just need to have a clear vision; what you have to do in life and don’t let down by the circumstances you face.

It is extremely important to acquire new skills as time passes, as it will increase your with; it doesn’t matter you go to college or not. Each individual has a special set of skills in him which he needs to find and polish it, which will help him succeed in the future.

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