Top 10 Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous in 2021

Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous – If you are addicted to drinking alcohol it is the right time when you should look for alternatives to aa. Although it may not be an easy task if you have strong determination and will-power you can surely win the battle. There are many programs that are very fruitful in eliminating alcohol from your life.

Apparently, it may appear that it is impossible to leave alcohol but in the long run, all such programs can prove to be helpful. The programs are said to be a constant process that can teach you a wide variety of things. Now let us discuss some of the important programs.

Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

SMART Recovery

SMART or Self- Management and Recovery Training is actually mental health and educational program that mainly aims in changing human behavior. This program uses some technology that is known as REBT or Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

It is the therapy that is mainly used to teach the individual how to manage the beliefs and thoughts that compels them to have a drink frequently. You can come across various types of discussions and seminars through which people can curtail and bring changes in their behavioral attitudes. It is considered as one of the most noted alternatives to aa.

Women for Sobriety

Women for Sobriety started its journey in the year 1976 and until now it has been working successfully. This organization mainly aims to empower women so that they can easily recover from alcoholism and other types of addictions. It is mainly done by showing and delivering positive statements to raise their confidence and will power. Women who have been severely tortured and abused by men can also come here.

LifeRing Secular Recovery

Established in the year 2001 this organization mainly aims in teaching addicted people to lead a happy and peaceful life. The main intention of this group is to help the sober person living inside every addict who is fighting to become free.

They organize various programs and meetings in various corners of the state so that people can join it conveniently. This organization and its principles are said to be one of the good alternatives to aa.

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Secular organization for Sobriety

The age of this organization is 30 years and it was formed by James Christopher in Los Angeles. This organization mainly tries to bring out those people and find out the own tool to get rid of this addiction. Addiction is a severe thing that can ultimately take your life. So, never lead this beautiful life to end in this manner. If you are suffering from the same problem it is the right time to join this body.


It is a method that is introduced by this organization so that the addicts recognize the mental thoughts that ultimately lead them to choose this path. It is very important to get rid of this problem right from the beginning.

It does not offer any type of such supports to the groups but provides them with a lot of learning materials that can immensely help them. If you are an individual who is suffering from such problems you can easily contact this body and join it. It can change their living styles and outlook to a good extent.

Celebrate Recovery

It describes itself as a “biblical and balanced program” that helps an individual to overcome various types of mental problems like hurts, hang-ups, etc. The age of this organization is about 25 years and due to its quality service to the addicts, it has gained good fame and good-will in the hearts of the people. It is one of the great alternatives to aa.

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Refugee Recovery

This organization is based on Buddhist principles and helps to recover people from various types of addictions. It mainly uses the core teachings of Buddhists and emphasizes knowledge and recovery in a different way. Individuals who have great faith in God and its principles can surely follow this path. The mode of reviving the people from this destructive habit is a good thing and it should be always appreciated. Everyone should acknowledge it as much as possible.

Moderation Management

Moderation Management mainly focuses on individuals who do not have any type of severe problems but if anyone recognizes moderation they can easily lead a happy and healthier life. This is the actual fact of life that should be known to all. It is ideal for those who do not have to move from drinking altogether but should never move away from the responsibilities of life.

It teaches some basic things following which a person can lead a good and peaceful life. To be very specific if you keep a diary and maintain a chart of your drinking it will help you to estimate your amount of drinking. This is very simple but can also be a good initiative towards stopping drinking.

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Harm reduction therapy center

It is another important organization that is primarily aimed at teaching people the ethics of life and releasing them from consuming alcohol. At first, it will teach you to reduce the amount of taking alcohol and slowly you will stop taking alcohol. The mode of teaching is very simple and easy. However, it may not be suitable for those who are highly addicted to alcohol. They should look for some other steps.

Alcohol Management Program

It is also a very effective organization that can largely help you to get rid of the problem and awkwardness of alcohol. The addiction to alcohol is very severe and sometimes it can be much more dangerous. If the step for stopping is not taken on a priority basis there can be much more severe problems in life.

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So now say no to alcohol and choose a better and healthy life. God has given everyone a beautiful life. Let us not waste our life in doing all such bullshits. There are other phases of life that are much beautiful and good.

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