10 Best Shopify Alternatives in 2022

Do you always look for Shopify alternatives? Well, not only you but many other persons like you always look for such alternatives. This is a common thing among the people. The first step that you would take in this case is to search for the alternatives in various websites and similar other places. Shopify is not the only solution to your problem but you can always try for other alternatives. If you start searching you will get various such online platforms that are engaged in these types of work.

There are ample platforms in and around you that can provide you with the goods within your budget. It is a great thing that is conferred by the sites and the companies.

Now let us try to explore some of the best alternatives to Shopify Alternatives.


One of the best Shopify alternatives is WooCommerce. It is free and earn’s a great score for visitors’ experience. It is with the help of this site that one can build a site that can easily compete with many types of expensive carts. It can be availed with a minimum subscription. If you wish you can look for an annual subscription or the monthly one. The whole thing depends on the buyer.

Big Commerce

It can be a perfect tool for providing the user with a full-cycle solution for your website. There are advanced content marketing features that will help the user to promote the product in a better way. It also comes with hundreds of built-in features that will help you to build the site uniquely. It is a great invention in the present market.


On the other side, Volusion is one of the Shopify alternatives found in the modern-day. If you have Volusion, there is no such requirement of hosting and integrating necessary applications. It comes with several cool features and the users can avail it as per their budget and requirement. It requires some coding skills to be set up in the e-store backend.

3d cart

It is also a cloud-hosted shopping cart platform that comes with multiple features and flexible rates. The security of 3d cart is rock solid. If you are starting it for the first time it is better to start with this one. The load time is fast and prompt. It has more features than Shopify and other ones.

Lemon Stand

It is an excellent tool from medium to large scale business. It is versatile and comes with highly-customizable features. It integrates with most of the payment processors. However, Lemon Stand only allows 75 orders in a month. It is limited in this case. It also provides a neat migration tool to make the transaction smooth and easy for the users.


Another Shopify alternatives are the BigCartel. It has gained good popularity among the people due to its easy affordability and other essential features. It presumes to be cheap for solo entrepreneurs and businessmen. It does not charge any types of additional charges for transaction and that is the best thing. It is best suited for shops that contain a small number of items or products. It can be easily used and budget-friendly platform.


Wix comes with two methods to set up the site. On the other side, the Wix editor allows the user with the control and customization process. It is with Wix that you can place any content anywhere on the website. The store comes with wonderful features and most of them are found to be helpful for the users or the operators. It works comfortably with many payment gateways. Almost all the designs of Wix are unique and they have a stock of 100+ templates. The features are also found to be rich in all aspects.


If you are planning to open a medium-sized business it is best to try Magento. It is such a platform that allows advanced customization for the people who know to code. The main feature of Magento is that it is flexible, scalable and free for downloading. The main thing about the Magento is that if you have an established business it is better to use this feature for controlling the business. The user who uses Magento is not required to pay any types of monthly charges for the same.


Squarespace is said to be the platform that provides the user with a robust website builder and a wide variety of themes and templates. It is also limited to PayPal and Stripe. It is seen that it does not charge any types of transaction fees but sometimes the processors may charge. It requires less skill and knowledge for setting Squarespace. The design is impressive at the same time. You can use it if you have a simple store.


It is a great tool for entrepreneurs who have a tight budget. The most important feature of Prestashop is that it supports 25 languages and multiple currencies for the benefit of the users. However, if you keep a developer who will always look after the advancement it is better to go with Prestashop. It is for sure that you can build a competent shop online with minimum investment. There are ample sets of features that are found with Prestashop. It is easy to deal with Prestashop if you have minimum knowledge about it.


So, now you can easily get a good option for the alternatives to Shopify. It is for sure that the more you will use this site the more you will get accustomed to it. In short, you will not like to rely upon any other tools. Advanced tools and science has made everything possible. Gone are the days when people searched for other types of alternatives. Modern people are getting acquainted with it and never like to look for other things. Just try some of the best ones that are described above and you will have a good experience while dealing with them.