Top 10 JIRA alternatives in 2022

Every user of the project management tool JIRA gets loads of benefits. However, they are dissatisfied with the expenses associated with this tool. They search for the best JIRA alternatives online and want to efficiently use the project management system.

The following details assist you to decide and get the JIRA alternatives.


Kanbanize is a renowned project management application and rich in exceptional features. The flexible nature of the Kanban board lets its users to fit in several and also entirely different workflows at the same place. Users of this software are satisfied with agile timelines for convenient project planning.

They get enough guidance from the Kanban card reference links and hierarchy for managing the process across various boards and also organization levels. Business rules are useful to automate the process. Email integration facility in this software lets users send and receive messages in Kanbanize.


VersionOne is a popular enterprise software platform created particularly for unified agile and devops. This system supports different methodologies like hybrid approach, LeSS, scaled agile framework, Kanban and Enterprise Scrum. The first-class features and functions of this system give loads of benefits for all users.

These facilities are useful for addressing the complex things in the software development models. Every user of this software is willing to explore and use all exclusive facilities. They are confident to suggest this project management software for others.


The backlog is one of the well-known JIRA alternatives and all-in-one project management software built for developers. This software is recognized worldwide for its simple and intuitive interface. Smart and successful project development teams throughout the world make use of this software and work with other teams.

They get the desired improvement in team collaboration and take advantage of high-quality project delivery. They use this software as an alternative to JIRA because of easy bug tracking facility, project and issues with subtasks, native mobile apps, watchlists, wikis, available on-premise and in the cloud and Kanban-style boards for the complete visual workflow.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a special project management tool that fosters collaboration in all software development teams. This software provides a shared view of team priorities for analyzing the progress in a professional way. One view of the overall project is the main benefit for every user of this system.

There is a powerful search syntax in this software for supporting the nested Boolean expressions. Users of this software get different benefits from the release management, focused collaboration, and real-time functions. They feel comfortable and happy about the agile and iterative management workflow. pivotal tracker get an excellent enhancement in project collaboration and visibility. They make plans as per realistic estimates.


TargetProcess is one of the most recommended JIRA alternatives today. This commercial agile project management tool lets its users follow the kanban, scrum or customized agile approach. This system provides an intuitive interface for collaboratively managing software development. The backlog story map view is one of the main features of this software.

This system provides cards, reports, views, and dashboards. Users of this system can get an array of benefits from the high-level planning as well as tracking across the overall portfolio. This system is suitable for agile testing and high-quality centered teams.

New and regular users of this software are comfortable with the visualization of the project data and get enough assistance for evaluating the progress of several projects and teams.


Assembla is younger than JIRA but provides a broad range of functions in its core products include, but not limited to time tracking, agile tools, code deployment, and git hosting. This easy bug tracking tool makes its users happy.

This tool also supports subversion, git and perforce hosting. This system can keep up with all shifts in requirements. Social collaboration is another attraction of this software. This is because this system provides so many collaboration features to keep the entire information flow within the teams.


Blossom is one of the best tools for project tracking purposes and designed to assist the teams to visualize the processes. This successful software is based on the Kanban with a desire to regularly enhance the workflow.

This system provides the first-class analytic capabilities with enough emphasis on both cycle time and resource optimization. Experts in the JIRA alternatives use and recommend the Blossom in our time. They get different benefits from seamless chat integration, fast performance analytics and insights, easy code integration and beautiful project screen grabs.


QuickBase is one of the most useful JIRA alternatives online. This user-friendly tool makes all users satisfied. The highly flexible nature of this platform can adapt to any work environment. Dashboards and reporting tools in this system give different benefits for all users. Users of this system can use automatic vital operations to speed up the work progress. They can create and share reports as quickly as possible.

CA Agile Central

CA Agile Central is an enterprise-class platform that is built for scaling agile development practices. This system lets users be successful in checking the productivity, responsiveness, and predictability by using real-time performance metrics. You can make use of the highly collaborative nature of the software as a service platform for your agile software development. You will achieve your business goal, co-ordinate the agile development work across several teams and use real-time reporting devoid of any add-on tool.


The basic version of the Redmine is open-source and working on any machine. Though this system takes a long time for installation, this system smoothly runs after its installation. This system offers enough support for several databases. The main attractions of this software are Gantt chart, calendar, efficient issue tracking system, integration of files, news and documents management and customized fields for time-entries, users and issues.


Beginners and experts in the project management profession can compare and narrow down the best alternatives to the JIRA. They can choose and use one of these alternatives based on their requirements.