All You Need to Know Apoquel. List of 5 Apoquel Alternatives

Apoquel alternatives: It is not a matter of surprise that every living being suffers from various ailments in its life span. This includes our best animal companion too; the dog. So, if you have a dog in your house, you might be knowing a little about the itching issue that occurs in them. And if it becomes incessantly annoying to see your favorite pet being in such discomfort, this consternation may make you think about buying an Apoquel to dwindle his misery.

Well, you don’t need worry about whether this drug really works? It simple does what exactly mentioned in the manual. But wait; there can also be some repercussions which compel us to look for some Apoquel alternatives too.

About Apoquel

But first, we shall go into the depth of the problems that arise in dogs and how Apoquel is considered to be the savior. Then, we will throw light on the Apoquel alternatives to help you in case you are looking for one. So, whenever an itching problem occurs in a dog so excessively that it hampers his other activities and doesn’t let him have a sound sleep, it can be a sign of a major issue. It results in an irritation which makes the dog rub the specific area until the inflammation occurs.

When Apoquel came into the market, it seemed as if the maxim of this medicine is to bring an end to issues like dermatitis. And yes, it was true that Apoquel helped to cure so many problems that were arising in the dogs. The medication worked like magic and many dog owners had bought it to get rid of the trouble. On the other side, there are also some consequences of using this Apoquel.

Side effects of Apoquel 

  • The first thing that concerns us the most is the duration of its course. Once you treat your dog with Apoquel, then you may need to stick with it for the entire life of your pet.
  • It can have a deep impact on the dog’s immune system too as it indulges and diminishes the rate at which the pet could do tasks properly.
  • The deracination in kinase pathways will trouble you a lot because it is linked to your dog being dull with increased cholesterol as well as blood lipase.
  • Chance of frequent vomiting and/or diarrhea

This is the reason why it is better not to treat the dogs under the age of one with Apoquel because they already have a weaker immune system and this drug is likely to cause more harm than good in this case. And even after considering all the other factors, Apoquel might not be easy on your pocket but it is the supposed effective treatment option that continues to be at the apex with a good history.

So, now you have assimilated a little about Apoquel and also about its side effects. If you want to bump into some other effective options for the same cause, then we are apprising you with the Apoquel alternatives that will help to eradicate the major issues and these are also better to implement in terms of safety.

Given below is a list of 5 best Apoquel alternatives that can replace the need of Apoquel:

List of Best 5 Apoquel Alternatives in 2022

A little transition in your pet’s diet 

There is the least probable chance that your dog might be suffering from any sort of food allergy or intolerances. But, if you doubt that the food can be the reason for the itching issue, then you need to make a change.

The best way to do it is to remove all the allergens from your pet’s diet for a while until the issues persist. Some of the common allergies are beef, chicken, dairy and several others.

Look for some supplements 

You can also search for the supplements available out there.

You can consider buying the fish oil as an Apoquel alternative because it is known to contain omega fatty acids which are good for the dog’s skin and it may cure the underlying issue of skin irritation.

If you want some natural alternative, then either go with Yucca or quercetin as Yucca will cause no harm and resembles a steroid drug whereas quercetin is a plant derivative and its working mechanism is the same as that of natural antihistamine.

Vet’s Best Hot Spray for Dogs 

This product is another Apoquel alternative that doesn’t contain any harmful substances. The ingredients used in the product are generally tea oil and aloe vera. Plus, it has no alcohol content and provides faster recovery to the itching problem in dogs. It is not meant for the use of pregnant dogs.

Vet’s Best Healthy Coat Shed and Itch Relief Supplement 

Vet’s Best Healthy Coat Shed and Itch Relief Supplement is a US-based product that is available in the form of a tablet. Being a good option for treating itchiness and fur shedding, which is common in dogs, this product also contains natural ingredients such as dock root, omega fatty acids, and quercetin. It is a safer Apoquel alternative and is approved by NASC as well.

Getting rid of infections 

You can also take extra precautions by a set of tests to be aware of the several parasites likes mites and fleas.

Flea dirt is usually not conspicuous but they are very common when it comes to producing allergies in case of dogs. You need to check out if the infection due to fleas is mild or severe.

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Even thyroid issues occurring in dogs along with the other symptoms can be caused due to staph bacteria allergy. This disease-causing microorganism can be found on most surfaces and might be present on your pet’s skin as well.


Although you can cure your dog with the medication such as Apoquel, it is better to investigate the main reason for the skin itching and other allergies. Apoquel may solve the problem but it is a life-long medication that has several side-effects. And if needed, all the Apoquel alternatives listed above can help you in the long run.

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