All You Need To Know About Natural Alternatives International (NAI)

Our world is changing; people are now focusing their attention on natural alternatives for gaining essential nutrition supplements. To avoid the side effects of taking chemical-based medications, people now prefer a natural way of boosting their body immune system to fight against the harmful virus and bacteria.

In today’s market, you can easily find so many natural supplements, however, it is essential to pick the reliable one from the reputed company to avail all those benefits of natural alternatives for boosting the human immune system.

Why Natural Supplements?

Well, in today’s hectic world is has been inevitable for people to take nutrient supplements to keep themselves healthy. However, if you tend to intake chemical-based nutrients regularly means it will surely create a side effect on our body. That’s the main reason, many people around the globe now showing interest in consuming natural alternatives for boosting their immunity.

Besides, there are several notable benefits one can avail by consuming natural health supplements. Among those few vital things are listed below.

    • Easy-to-Access: Tracking the essential nutrients has become a challenging one. In the recent past, many natural ingredients that offer a variety of nutrients are gone these days because of its artificial counterparts. But still, natural supplements are pretty easy to access and on consuming regularly; people can get what they needed.


  • Convenience: When compared with chemical composition, the natural alternatives that offer desire vitamins and other nutrients that the human body requires can be easily transported in packages. Because of the easy transportation, it is pretty convenient for many to reach it.
  • Low-on-Calorie: Unlike artificial counterparts, natural health supplements are low on calorie and offer the compliment and essential healthy meals.  High-in-Quality: Natural brands always offer high-quality nutrients since all the natural ingredients come with no filler or fluffy stuff.
  • Absorption & Digestion: Consuming natural nutrients makes the human digestive system to carry their process at ease. Besides, the absorption and digestion of natural supplements are high when compared with artificial counterparts.

Natural Alternative for Nutrient Supplement

If you are seeking the best brand for picking your desire natural supplements then choosing Natural Alternative International (NAI) who is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing natural alternatives of nutritional supplements.

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They are the industry’s leading manufacturer of customized nutritional supplements and formulators. With the broad mission and vision, the NAI continues to expand their nutritional supplements exports around the globe.

About Natural Alternatives International, Inc. (NAI)

The company NAI was founded by Mark A. LeDoux in 1980 ever since, the company contributing its strong commitments to health sectors by integrating innovative scientific approach and supreme testing operation for delivery world-class natural alternatives of health supplements around the globe.

NAI is a pioneer in releasing natural supplements with custom formulations, scientific approach, and high-standard universal manufacturing standards along with the supervision of an international regulatory body.

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Currently, the company NAI functioning with around 250 employees and its facilities located in Vista, Japan, Switzerland, and California.

Goals of Natural Alternatives International, Inc (NAI) in the Health Industry

  • To create a better world through better health nutrition products
  • Dedicated to meet world-class standards to bring work excellence
  • Fully Committed to Build strong and Enduring Partnerships
  • To Exceed Customer’s Expectation Always

Specialties of Natural Alternatives International, Inc (NAI)

  1. Contract Manufacturing
  2. Capsules
  3. Tablets
  4. Powders
  5. Dietary Supplements
  6. Athletic Supplements
  7. Packaging
  8. Sports Nutrition
  9. CarnoSyn
  10. Beta-Alanine
  11. Quality Control
  12. Quality Assurance
  13. Formulation

Capabilities of Natural Alternatives International, Inc (NAI)

  1. Manufacturing

With more than 4 decades in the health supplement manufacturing industry, NAI has grown one of the leaders in the manufacturing of health supplements and they keep growing their reputation every year through quality, scalable and efficient production. By offering guaranteed delivery of highest quality natural supplements NAI always keeps in touch with its clients throughout the manufacturing process.

  1. Custom Formulation

NAI is the real expert when it comes to mixing the right ingredients to manufacture a great and essential nutritional supplement along with the supervision of the NAI’s scientific experts and their comprehensive formulation knowledge. Besides, NAI’s entire process of making custom formulation carried as per the guidance of the international supplement regulatory body.

  1. Quality Assurance Test

NAI’s stringent quality control processes, ensure the health supplements launched by them are pretty safe and beneficial for the consumers worldwide. Apart from conducting extensive lab testing by scientific experts, NAI performs state-of-the-art laboratory testing operations which are listed below.

  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrophotometry (ICP)
  • Dissolution and Absorption
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR)

Besides, NAI makes sure that its raw materials for manufacturing natural supplements are tested as per the standards set by the United States of Foods and Drug Administration (FDA). And it ensures maintaining international compliance of quality for all their nutraceutical products.

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  1. Packaging

When it comes to natural alternatives to health supplements packaging plays a vital role in ensuring product standards. NAI is well known for its turnkey manufacturing and packaging company and it keeps on improving its own standard time-to-time and makes sure it is cost-effective for consumers. Also, the process development support team of NAI ensures all the dietary supplements manufactured by them are adheres to the international standards before reaching the markets.

  1. Stability Programs

Unlike other manufacturers, NAI performs an in-house stability program that ensures all the manufactured products match the desired quality standards. Moreover, the in-house stability process eliminates the risk of outsourcing the samples products to other companies. Owing to that, the products of NAI are cost-effective. Here are the few notable things carried by NAI on its stability program

  • On-site sample storage
  • Stability Protocol Development
  • Testing the samples for Study Purpose
  • Reporting full data of Stability process on-time



If you are planning to engage with the natural alternatives for health supplements, consider utilizing the products of NAI who works with the mission of launching advanced nutrition products on a global scale through dedication to excellence.

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