Top 10 surface pro alternatives in 2021

Surface Pro is a world-famous Microsoft surface series manufactured and designed by Microsoft. However, the price of Surface Pro is too expensive, so people are looking for the finest and best alternatives with more storage and accessories.

When it comes to the surface pro alternatives, you can find many options with advanced features.

  1. ThinkPad Xl Tablet 

It is a stunning product that can give you an amazing display, durable shell, and Amazon Alexa personal assistance. It has a 13-inch display which provides a good look. Some of the studies say that it has passed twelve military torture tests which ensure that it might survive from color temperatures, dust storms, drops, and spills. If you are not willing to use Microsoft Cortana Personal assistance then ThinkPad X1 Tablet is the best choice because it is similar to Alexa Personal Assistant your Echo smart speakers. By using LTE connectivity, you might add ThinkPad X1 Tablet for your mobile data plan.

  1. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S convertible 2 in 1 laptop

It is the best 2-in-1 tablet from Samsung and it can pair up with the keyboard cover like the surface pro. It is having lightweight and slim properties so you can take it with you whenever you need. It has twelve inches AMOLED Touch Display which is brighter with better colors. If you use Galaxy phone then you can effortlessly share hotspot to grab you online so you can look at the notifications from Tablet. It has a 5MP camera on both the front and back of the device. It has one headphone jack and a USB C port. You might get the keyboard cover along to strike keys for getting an excellent typing experience.

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  1. Surface Pro with LTE 

It is the best Surface pro alternatives with LTE and it is promising same battery life as Surface Pro 6, so it can easily connect your data plan. The battery life lasts 13.5 hours on the single charge because it has Seventh Generation Intel Core M3, Core i7 and Core i5 Processors. It can detect the 4000 levels of pressure rather than 1024 levels of pressure Surface Pro 4. It has a title sense which allows the artists to get an appropriate angle with each stroke of the surface pen.

  1. Surface Pro X

It is the new surface pro model which is the best surface pro alternatives to Surface Pro 6 or Surface Pro 7. It has a 15-inch touch screen which is completely portable due to its thin design. You can also get the Alcantara keyboard and new slim pen with the backlit keys. This surface pro alternative is different than Pro 7 because of Qualcomm Microsoft SQ1 Processor which is specially customized for Microsoft. It supports Windows Hello so it is the perfect option for Office 365.

  1. Surface Go 

If you are looking to get Type Cover, Surface and Surface Pen then choosing Surface Go is the finest option because it comes under your budget. It is the cheaper and smaller surface direct from Microsoft. It could the best surface pro alternatives that are smaller with lighter weight, smaller display, and excellent battery life. It runs on Windows 10 S but you might upgrade to Windows 10 when you wish to run apps. Portability is one of the main reasons to get this surface pro alternative.

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  1. Dell Latitude 7200

It is one of the finest surface pro alternatives for business which required huge on-site repair and hardware options. As we know, the surface pro is not business-friendly. In such kind of situation, using Dell latitude 7200 is a perfect choice. Any trained agent might repair this alternative to your office because it has designed simply. It is not required emergency backups of data and no need to reinstall all your programs. It comes with exceptional performance, great display and lots of connectivity options. You can grab Nano-SIM, MicroSD reader, USB 3.1 port and 2 USB Type C Thunderbolt three ports.

  1. Surface Pro 6

If you are looking to buy surface pro 7 but you are in budget then Surface Pro 6 is the finest choice. You can get the same display, form factor, kickstand, and keyboard but you can get it from the lowest price. One of the main advantages of using these surface pro alternatives is that better battery life. To make use of this alternative, you should buy a surface pen and type cover but it is considered an affordable option and comes under your budget also.

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  1. HP Elite X2

It is the perfect alternatives that pack with excellent specifications like pen, detachable keyboard and form factor. It comes with the 13-inch display and you might grab up to 8th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor. It has 4G LTE connectivity which might keep you online. This is specially designed for handling rigors of travels with the MIL-STD 810G rating. It comes with an integrated privacy screen that can prevent someone steals your information. This display can deliver 700 nits of brightness.

  1. Surface Book 2 

If you are looking to buy a powerful laptop with the high processing power and true keyboard dock then surface book 2 is a perfect choice. There are two surface book 2 models and you can choose it based on your needs. It comes with amazing battery life so people love to use these surface pro alternatives. It is having the latest hardware and more processing power when you are looking to buy the best alternative for Surface Pro. It has a sensitive touch screen so it is having the capability to detect pen stroke from the stroke pen.

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  1. HP Envy X2

It is the super-sized smartphone which is having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor that is similar to the high-end smartphone. It lasts for the twenty-two hours of productivity and it boosts storage with the MicroSD. You can get a digital stylus and USB Type C adapter.



If you are looking for the best alternative to Surface Pro then you can get tons of options. It might have a smaller design, more power, and more affordable options. Read the review to buy the best one based on your needs.