What You Need to Know About Lisinopril Drug? Are there any Lisinopril Alternatives?

Lisinopril Alternatives – Medicines have become a necessary part of our life and we too have become so much habituated to it that even a simple thought of abdicating them scarily teeters us. The idea of repercussions starts wriggling inside our head when it comes to thinking about some other ways to aid ourselves.

Moreover, even if you find some alternatives, you would tentatively be able to get rid of them because some of the medications are likely to have some side effects and Lisinopril belongs to the same category. So, we’ll also throw light on the lisinopril alternatives along with its description.

About Lisinopril  Drug

First, we shall know a little about this medicine and its uses. Lisinopril is often used for the treatment of high blood pressure and to reduce heart-related risks. It belongs to ACE inhibitors which is a class of drugs.

It is one of the medicines that are prescribed by the doctors when someone gets a heart attack and kidney problems. Being available only through a doctor’s prescription, it has shown positive results in improving survival after a heart attack and helps to avoid further risks as well. It helps in relaxing the blood vessels to make the flow of blood easier.

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It is available both in the form of tablets and liquid for people with an inability to consume it in solid form. Its first dose can cause dizziness due to which, taking it during nighttime is more preferred initially. It is commonly known by the name Zestril which is called Lisoretic after combining it with hydrochlorothiazide, another medicine for controlling blood pressure. If you are coughing incessantly, lisinopril can be one of the reasons.

 Who Can Take Lisinopril Drug? 

Both adults, as well as children above the age of 6 years, can take it. But that doesn’t confirm that it is good medicine for all of us.

All the same time, you must inform your doctor if are in the below-listed category:

  • You are pregnant.
  • You have to undergo major surgery.
  • You have any blood-related issues, like lower WBC count.
  • You are allergic to any of the medicines earlier.
  • You have diabetes.

If you ever suffered from diarrhea or felt like puking, you should think about avoiding lisinopril. Its dosage must be stopped for the next 36 hours if any other medicines such as Entresto have been taken. Even if you’re sweating more than usual or getting dehydrated more often, then you should consult your doctor as lisinopril can be the reason.

Side effects of Lisinopril Drug

Other symptoms should also be inspected as some of them can be serious. They are listed below as follows:

  1. Breathing issues
  2. Swelling in the face, throat, feet or ankles.
  3. Fever
  4. Yellowness either in eyes or skin

If you ever come across some drug interactions, you should note down the names of all the medications you’ve been taking to date. Instead of producing alterations on your own, you should ask your doctor for the same.

Some drugs can make your immune system weak such as aliskiren and reactions may occur if you are taking some injections for any kind of allergy. Lisinopril is used for the treatment of kidney problems but in some cases, it can worsen the situation.

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It is very rare to find out that lisinopril can cause any liver problems. So, if you are suffering from any symptoms related to liver damage like a loss in appetite and abdominal pain, then the consumption of lisinopril drug must stop immediately.

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Now, we’re going to have a look at the ways by which it becomes easy to cope up with some of the consequences occurring due to lisinopril and if they are not working in your case, then also we have you covered with a few lisinopril alternatives to replace with.

 How to deal with the side effects of lisinopril? 

Given below are the side effects along with easy tips to help you solve your problems.

  • Dry cough: If lisinopril is the reason for dry cough, then cough medicines are of no help and maybe, this symptom will go on its own. But if it hampers your sleep cycle then ask your doctor to look for other lisinopril alternatives. It may take some time to get rid of the cough.
  • Diarrhea: In this case, it is very important to drink more water frequently in a small amount to avoid dehydration and sickness. Now, how can you notice the symptoms of dehydration? The dark yellow color of urine with a strong smell. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking lisinopril until these problems evanesce.
  • Headaches: Headaches can be dealt with some painkillers if recommended by the doctor. Drinking alcohol can also be a reason. Drinking fluids will also make you feel better.
  • Dizziness: After taking lisinopril, if dizziness is felt while standing up then try to get up slowly and if this problem continues, then sit and relax for a moment.
  • Itchiness: Itchiness can go away with the help of antihistamine and it is easily available in any pharmacy.

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List of Drugs That Can Be a Perfect Lisinopril Alternatives

If you want to know about some lisinopril alternatives, then here are some medicines that are worth considering. But as said above, you must get your doctor’s approval to make any changes in your routine.

  1. Lotensin (Benazepril) 

Consumption of Lotensin drug instead of Lisinopril is highly recommended for the people who are suffering from blood pressure.

  1. Capoten (Captopril) 

It lowers the risk of fatality after a heart attack and prevents the heart from further damage.

  1. Vasotec (Enalapril) 

This lisinopril alternative is the only drug of its kind in the group of ACE inhibitors. But at least one out of ten people can have the problem of dry cough. It should be taken multiple times in a day when your stomach is empty.

  1. Cozaar (Losartan) 

It resembles the role of lisinopril but this alternative can have symptoms like swelling or cough. You may be asked to get a blood test done to understand its effects on your body. Plus, it should be avoided during pregnancy.

  1. Benicar (Olmesartan) 

Benicar is another lisinopril alternative that comes with the combination of other medicines for blood pressure. Besides being expensive, Benicar is now preferred by many physicians worldwide.

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Though lisinopril is a great medicine to treat several problems, there can be some consequences in the form of medical side effects based upon individuals. So, it is better to visit a doctor to start taking it or you can look for its alternatives listed above.

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