List of top 5 Metformin Alternative Drugs

Metformin Alternative: Metformin is an oral medicine used for treating patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. But some physical exercise is required while taking this medicine, otherwise, blood sugar levels may not fall in control. It serves as a multi-purpose drug for women who suffer from continuous bleeding after the menstrual cycle due to polycystic ovary disease or any other hormonal imbalance issue. It even helps in reducing weight gradually by balancing your hormones.

Side effects of using Metformin

Even though you explain to your doctor about any pre-medical histories or any allergic conditions of your body, the side effects of Metformin remain common to any type of body except that the effect may vary from person to person. It may cause abdominal or stomach discomfort, diarrhea, decreased appetite, cough or sore throat, general discomfort often, muscle pain or cramps, oversleeping habit, pain while urinating, etc. more in common and anxiety, blurred vision, confusion, pale skin, depression, chest discomfort, headache, nausea, nightmares, seizures, etc in less common. You can find more on adverse effects of metformin here.

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Top 5 Metformin alternatives

Metformin is mostly available in the pharmacy associated with the hospital if prescribed by your doctor. Hence, you should look for other Metformin alternatives in case it is out of stock in the hospital’s pharmacy. Similar to Metformin, Metformin alternatives also can cause side effects. Considering such conditions, this blog presents you with the best 5 Metformin alternatives that you may get in certain big pharmacies nearby.

#1: Actos

If you are in the beginning stage of type 2 diabetes mellitus, then Actos helps you reduce sugar level in blood and controls the A1c level by 1%. It is an oral medicine and can be taken once in a day as prescribed by your doctor. It protects your organs by preventing harmful effects caused by high sugar levels in the blood. Sometimes, you may go low on blood sugar levels too. Usually, type 2 diabetes mellitus patients prone to heart attack easily. Actos, as one of the best Metformin alternatives, saves you from not being affected.

It may take several weeks to see a better result in your blood sugar level, and in a few cases, people can weight gain as well. It increases the risk of bone fractures, and hence if you have calcium deficiency, either does not fall or take calcium supplements for gaining bone strength.

#2: Prandin

You would have heard the term postprandial while undergoing a blood sugar test as prescribed by your doctor. Prandial means after meal and Prandin helps in bringing down your blood sugar level during mealtimes. Because of acting quickly over meals and reduces the blood sugar level, it may sometimes cause low blood sugar levels as well. If your blood sugar level is not controlled by using Metformin, it becomes difficult to control it using other Metformin alternatives too because it is that powerful.

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Similar to the side effects faced due to Actos, you may gain some weight because of Prandin as well. If you have poor kidney function or any liver-related issues, then Prandin might not be a good choice for you.

#3: Precose

Precose is not that prescribed by the doctor as it has many side effects than Metformin creates. But it controls high sugar level in blood post-meal-time but should be taken at the beginning of the meal that makes the process so effective. One good thing with taking Precose is it does not cause weight gain, which prevents your health from exposing to diseases caused due to weight gain. Unlike other Metformin alternatives, this medicine does not bring your sugar level too low in the blood.

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There are quite a few strong reasons as to why you should not prefer Precose as the first choice for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Compared to other medicines, it may not help you great in lowering blood sugar levels, and as mentioned previously, it causes troublesome side effects such as excessive gas and diarrhea. Moreover, the cost of medicine is very high compared to other Metformin alternatives. No such medicine is prescribed to take three times a day similar to Precose.

#4: Januvia

You do not require insulin if your diabetes is not controlled with other Metformin alternatives. It is definitely good medicine to control your blood sugar levels. It does not create any diseases related to the heart similar to what other medicines do. It takes the aid of natural hormones produced by the body and controls the sugar level in your blood. When compared with other Metformin alternatives, it does not increase your weight drastically.

It did not prove reducing A1c levels in blood more than or equal to 1%. It may affect cold-causing symptoms for some people. It rarely causes serious side effects such as pancreatitis and non-tolerable joint pain.

#5: Invokana

It is an add-on medicine that can be consumed along with other diabetes medicines to bring down your blood sugar levels but quite expensive as it is a brand name. It should be consumed only once in a day and that too before meals. It gradually decreases your A1c level by 1% and maintains it stable. Invokana can be taken along with Metformin but causes low blood sugar levels very less.

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You may prone to have bone fractures, urinary tract infections on using Invokana. In case after taking Invokana if you tend to experience any leg and foot amputations, immediately consult with your doctor for treatment. Also, if you have severe kidney problems, it is not recommended to take Invokana. Sometimes, it can increase your cholesterol level and avoid consuming alcohol.

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Metformin and its alternatives are produced to control high blood sugar levels in your blood. But all of them work well only if you maintain your health by undergoing some physical exercises. Though every medicine has its effect on treating type 2 diabetes mellitus, it also has its side effects, which definitely may or may not harm your health.

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