All you need to know about the company Staffing Alternatives

Most of us might be looking to be placed as a full-time employee in any company that operates a business where your skill sets suit them perfectly. But there are companies that look for only contract staffing, which is difficult for a staffing agency or the company to search and get them onboard. Staffing Alternatives is one such staffing solutions providing company that functions in New Jersey and does this job with great effort and hard work. They have a clear vision and objective towards achieving organizational goals along with accomplishing company and individual goals.

Today, I am going to talk to you through this blog how employers and job seekers are benefitted through Staffing Alternatives, and what do employees feel working with this company.

How Staffing Alternatives handle their work environment?

Staffing Alternatives gives their employees, the privilege to work with freedom, and it motivates them to create their own strategies of sourcing potential and stable candidates to the employing company. Moreover, any innovation or creativity involved is appreciated and feedback or suggestion is also given to employees in a very polite and understanding manner so that they do not take it personally.

Of course, salary and perks are also other factors that support this statement. Hence the reason Staffing Alternatives has been awarded as the best employer of 2019 in New Jersey, as per the anonymous survey conducted by an agency in New Jersey.

Why should you choose Staffing Alternatives as your staffing agency?

Staffing Alternatives understands your goal of resource fulfillment and acts speed according to the need. Every company has some values towards their business and the business giving customers. Thus, Staffing Alternatives stands unique due to the following factors.

  1. Quality of resource

Staffing Alternatives gives importance to their clients and considers their needs as a high priority. They have sufficient resources to search, analyze and get the right candidate as per the job role. Though it is for temporary hiring, the resources they provide are highly talented and self-motivated so that they can work without anyone’s aid most of the time.

  1. Meeting deadlines

Depending on the urgency of clients and the position to be filled, Staffing Alternatives work on wheels and ensure that resources join the client company within the specified timeline for progressing in a better manner.

  1. Value for money

You will definitely be satisfied with services rendered by Staffing Alternatives, as they stick on to quality rather than just pricing. They understand your painful areas in recruitment and support you throughout your employment necessities.

Services offered by Staffing Alternatives

Staffing Alternatives offer the best staffing solutions that fulfill clients’ needs upon requirement.

  • Temporary staffing: If you require a special workforce for a temporary project, seasonal workloads, temporary skill shortages, or sudden employee absence, Staffing Alternatives does the needful for you by providing relevant personnel to you.
  • Contract Staffing: In case you wish to hire a resource on a contract basis and then depending on performance, wish to retain as a full-time employee, Staffing Alternatives also does that by keeping the resource on their payroll and then move to the company payroll.
  • Direct Hire solutions: In case you do not have the time to screen and interview the candidates sourced by Staffing Alternatives, they select suitable and skilled candidates, conduct initial screening and direct interview, and make them speak to any of your employee representatives, and send them directly for joining.
  • On-site staff administration:  Companies that have products or services’ delivery center in one place and has customer support or logistics center in another place find it difficult to manage customers or consumers. In such cases, Staffing Alternatives provide on-site staff for administering these kinds of data centers. This, in turn, reduces the cost and time you spend on recruitment.
  • Payroll services: Staffing Alternatives help you alleviate your payroll burdens. They work flexibly with any payroll system you follow and advise ideas for improving payroll services by implementing suitable changes within.

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Which industries do Staffing Alternatives cater to?

Although Staffing Alternatives provides almost hardcore resource staffing solutions, still to name a few, the following list contains what type of departmental personnel they cater—Assemblers, Packaging Personnel, Order Fulfilment, Forklift operators, Production, Inventory clerks, Quality control, Line leaders, Material handlers, Shipping & receiving personnel, Warehouse clerks, Machine operators, Warehouse managers and more.

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How employees are benefited from Staffing Alternatives?

Staffing Alternatives not only considers the client’s satisfaction as a high priority but more than that, considers employee satisfaction as a top priority because only if employees stay happy, their services become reliable.

  1. Assignment: 

When the employee goes on the first assignment, Staffing Alternatives provides a checklist with a bunch of questions such as client’s company name, location and anticipated duration of the assignment, employee job responsibilities, hourly rate, reporting person in case of any, appropriate dress code, working hours tracking, etc.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, while you are on assignment, they teach you completely about the company, how long you should be committed towards the assignment, behavior, and culture of the company, etc. When your assignment is completed, employees can contact their Staffing Alternatives’ representative and get to know about their wages and payroll tax information and when and how the payment gets credited.

  1. Mandate benefits: 

If you are placed through Staffing Alternatives in a company, you need not worry about your salary and other facilities. You get access to several payment options such as Direct Deposit, Global Cash Paycard and Paystub i.e. electronic payment options. This reduces the burden of following up every time for your payment with the company. Staffing Alternatives takes the whole responsibility for your payroll services.


Staffing Alternatives are one of the best staffing solutions providing company that yields revenue to companies who are in necessity of temporary, contract and contract-to-full time staffing, etc. They create wonderful opportunities for job seekers even during a recession where temporary staffing is on demand. Both employers and job seekers, who have been placed through them, share a positive feedback and satisfaction level of being collaborating with Staffing Alternatives.

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