Want to know about the alternatives for girls and its services

Alternatives for Girls (AFG) is a Detroit based non-profit organization helping for homeless and high-risk girls as well as young women. Since its invention, AFG has offered significant services to young women and girls, which includes street outreach, vocational guidance, safe shelter, prevention activities, educational support, counseling and mentoring. Their main objective is to empower young women with positive alternatives. They always ready to assist the high risk and homeless girls and young women to avoid violence, exploitation and teen pregnancy.

Mission Statement Of Alternatives For Girls

The alternatives for girls have been aiding the most vulnerable in the city such as at-risk and homeless young girls. This is one of the well-honored services in the city, but still, it has no contend for federal scholarship dollars. The services of alternatives for girls are working in the following ways that include:

AFG prevention

The prevention program of AFG serves the girl’s ages from four to eighteen who are at risk of gang involvement, abusing drugs, pregnancy, school truancy, and alcohol. They also take part in them via a teen leadership program, after-school programs and also a summer camp. Some of the AFG prevention’s program is including the following:

  • Mentoring that pairs caring adults with youth in requirement of a positive role model
  • After school programs for at-risk young women in elementary via high school
  • Rise N’ Shine, a free, fun and an educational summer camp for at-risk girls in the southwest Detroit

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AFG shelter

The shelter program of AFG offers counseling, stable home and life skills training to homeless young women aged fifteen to twenty-one and their children. Their main aim is to authorize them to direct the rewarding as well as creative lives. The shelter of AFG can house up to 30 young women as well as their children. Along with these, they offer homeless young women with a stable as well as a secure place to stay. The AFG also gives counseling, skill classes, and case planning services to those they serve. The goal of offering tools for them is required to lead independent and fulfilling lives. The AFG shelter program includes the following:

  • Emergency shelter– This is a program for homeless young women whose ages between 15 to 21 and their children. With this aim of offering a stable atmosphere and a short term safe, they can obtain back on their feet.
  • Aftercare– This offers a constant aid to young women whose ages between 15 to 21 in which they have moved out of the shelter as well as to youth who are at a risk or becoming homeless in a community.
  • Stepping stones– This program is for runaway and homeless young women whose ages between 15 to 17 to rejoin them with their families.
  • A changeover to independent living– This offers for homeless young women with a long term shelter united with the case planning services, life skill classes and counseling with a major aim of offering young women with the tools they want to be successful on their own.

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AFG outreach

The outreach program of AFG offers women and teens who engaged in high-risk behaviors such as drug use, gang involvement, and street-based prostitution to know the threats of such behaviors and changeover to healthy lives and safer alternatives. Some of the outreach’s programs are including the following:

  • Safe choices project– This program can reach out to the women and girls who involved in sex work and also those who are sufferers of sex trafficking to offer them threat reduction tools. The component of safe choices, new choices work with girls and women who require leaving sex work and give them the knowledge that they want to lead satisfying lives.
  • Peer education– This is a youth leadership program that well trains at-risk youth to reach out to other at-risk youth in a group. Their teams mainly concentrate on such topics as HIV, healthy relationships, internet harassment, and homelessness and also build positive alternatives.

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AFG resource center 

The resource center of AFG links individuals and families with the required services. For both, the AFG can offer along with referrals to other organizations.

Walk-in center

The alternatives for girls offer amazing services for walk-in clients Monday through Sunday onwards from 9 AM to 8.30 PM. However, any member of this group in catastrophe might walk into talk about their requirements and needs in private. The qualified team of volunteers and staff will decide whether the walk-in individual is eligible for AFG services or make referrals to other organizations depend upon that individual’s requirements and needs.

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Furthermore, the present permission from the U.S. Department of health and human services is set to expire in the last part of this month. The alternatives for girls, i.e. AFG are waiting to listen whether it would eligible for $400, 000 in the new permit duty. Even the AFG staff has also been discussed on the probability of reductions. In recent, the AFG will do so in a sensitive, planned as well as a responsible way.

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There are three choices available such as AFG obtains the entire funding, part of funding or none at all. This non-profit also has an action scheme for each of those probabilities. At present, the alternatives for girl’s shelter have 19 young girls and 12 of their children. In fact, nobody would be revolved out onto a street, but change over them to other facilities is an opportunity. If you want more helpful tips, you just contact the catastrophe helpline number or simply use a live chat at its official website.


Therefore, the alternatives for girls for outreach programs can greatly assist the women and teens who take on in high-risk activities such as drug use, gang involvement, and street-based prostitution to be aware of the threats of such activities and also changeover to healthy lives and safe choices.