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At present, the majority of people are suffering from a developmental or intellectual disability or mental health issues. In such kind of situation, they might need strong support to take care of them. In a busy world, people might not have sufficient time to take care of them. Whether you are in the need of behavioral support service or residential services, choosing the best service is the necessary one.

Have you seeking Individual and Family services then choosing alternatives Inc is the finest choice because they are offering excellent support and service to their clients.

What are the alternatives Inc?

Alternative Inc is offering comprehensive services to families and Individuals along with the special needs. They enable them to reach the highest level of integration and independence into the community. They are always committed to being the best human services agency in offering support services to people in the Central New Jersey Community.

Fortunately, they help to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities experiencing homelessness. This company was started in the year of 1979 so they can provide high-quality service to their clients.

On the other hand, Alternatives Inc is a non-profit and community-based organization and they are dedicated to assisting individuals with the special needs for reaching the highest level of integration and independence into the community. They provide wide ranges of services to their clients such as adult training, vocational services, employment, community living programs, social services, behavioral health care and an abundance of enriching recreational activities.

The Alternatives Inc serves people with employment services, developmental disabilities, affordable housing, and mental health services. There is no matter what challenge you might face, Alternatives Inc might develop a customized plan to help you as an active member of their community.

Alternatives Inc Services

Luckily, Alternatives provide wide ranges of benefits packages which include support & training, employee recognition, employee advancement, market compensation, staff, and technology so you can pick the best one based on your needs.

Residential services for people with IDD

Alternatives Inc servers people with the IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) which might encompass wide varieties of diagnosis which includes Autism Spectrum Disorder and people who are looking for behavioral and medical support. They are having highly qualified and professional management level professionals so they can provide round the clock service to their clients. They are the approved vendor to representative payee services. Based on what kind of support that you required, you can reside in apartment living or group home settings which are specially customized to meet your needs.

They provide a wide range of support to their client which includes medication administration, health management, meal planning, financial management, self-care and community involvement. Alternatives Inc is also hosting specific recreational events throughout the year which is completely free of charge.

Mental Health Services 

They are offering community support services to adults with mental health needs in Somerset County. A team of case management staff and licensed clinicians who use a person-centered approach offers this kind of services. Housing options could be available within a community support service program which is affordable. As we know, an alternative is an accredited, licensed and approved Medicaid provider. When it comes to their mental health services includes psychoeducation, clinical counseling, assistance with the skill-building, linkage to the community resources and money management.

Employment services 

Alternatives Inc helps people with the broad ranges of abilities and skills to find out successful employment. They can offer pre-employment preparation, evaluation, and job matching retention services. They have qualified and professional employment specialists so they can offer ongoing support to both employer and client to ensure satisfaction and success. An assessment could be administrated for identifying jobs and skills which are suitable to the individual. The bridge team might offer a structured learning experience, job placement, job coaching, one on one career exploration and trial work experience. When it comes to the alternatives Inc employment services include

  • Trial work experience
  • School and community-based transition
  • Supported employment
  • Vocational assessment and job readiness training

Behavior Support Services 

Behavior specialists support their clients by applying principles of human behavior which is based on the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). All of their staff could be trained in the PBS (Positive Behavior Supports) to effectively communicate with the Alternative clients. As we know, applied behavior analysis is the evidence-based practice which could be proved successful while applied for Autism populations and DD. They work to identify the function of the client’s behavior and develop guidelines to meet their client goal and objectives. Alternatives Inc behavior specialists work closely with their client, program staff and other health care providers to identify and assess significant behavior in need of the strengthening.

They are having professional behavior specialists so they can teach functional communication skills for replacing problem behaviors. At the same time, Group home staff could be trained by the skilled behavior specialists to simplify new skills to the community and home settings. Client feedback is considered as an integral part of the behavior plan development. Their services are specially designed to increase individual potential which is driven by the individual plan.

Support coordination

Alternatives Inc is the finest place to offer support coordination services in Union Countries and Morris. They can also use a person-centered planning process for assisting an individual in implementing and developing individualized service plans. Individual choice and self-direction are some of the key aspects of this service.


Alternative Inc is offering person-centered philosophy that is dedicated to offering each person served the support that needs to assist in achieving their goals. They enable people to reach further to get their aspirations and dreams. If you are looking for the support and services for loved on with mental health diagnosis then you can get help from Alternatives Inc because they are offering comprehensive support services to their clients.