Top 10 alternatives to self harm in 2022

Actually, self-harm is an external expression of dangerous thoughts. The best natural way to overcome this is to safeguard ourselves from pain. Even self-harming behaviors can build up, due to the lack of efficient managing skills and might twist into sadness. There are a couple of features of self-harming behavior such as physical habits and underlying mental processes. Probably, the physical habit is much simpler to alter than the underlying mental process. Thus, the great way to modify a habit is to just substitute it with a perfect one and you can search for the best alternatives to self harm online.

Top lists of 10 alternatives to self harm

In this article, you are going to see the best alternatives to self-harm, some of these effective alternative ideas will sense like a perfect kit. It is just about viewing what works for you best; because they are all different. Take a look over our list of the top 10 self harm alternatives that work fine in 2020.

  1. Thoughts that motivate self-harm

These are some thoughts that provide some of the physical or visual feelings of self-harm without causing any hurt to the body.

  • Clasp an ice cube in your hand
  • Draw red lines on your skin
  • Write anything on your skin
  • Ring a hairband or an elastic band on your wrist, but not too stiff
  • Throw your face into the skin full of chilly cold water for a few seconds
  1. Thoughts for when you want to expel your feelings

Sometimes, human feelings can become too much to bear. The only way that they can imagine surviving them is to harm them. Below are some alternatives that will support you in expelling frustration, annoy or any other severe feelings:

  • Run uphill
  • Punch a punching bag
  • Just cry
  • Smash a watermelon
  • Play music loudly
  • Play squash
  • Go somewhere silent and scream
  • Hammer nails into wood
  • Sing very loudly
  • Tear up a book
  • Tear up cardboard
  • Cut up an old piece of material
  1. Thoughts for when you feel down or alone

These are thoughts that will support you when your mood is down. Whenever you sense alone or extremely sad, you just take a look at these substitutes to protect yourself from hurt.

  • Listen to soothing music
  • Look at the photos of your family and friends
  • Watch funny videos on social media like YouTube
  • Just think of your favorite day ever
  • Walk along with your dog outside
  • Talk to someone you trust a lot
  • Reread your favorite childhood magazine
  • Listen to your desired songs to boost your mood
  1. Thoughts for when you want a distraction

If you routinely have self-harm thinking at the same time every day, these thoughts may support and find the following best activities to do at that time:

  • Have a shower
  • Learn a new skill
  • Watching something light-hearted on TV
  • Do some cleaning work
  • Just go for a walk
  • Read a magazine
  • Do a jigsaw
  • Call your best friend for a chat or talk
  • Better go to sleep
  • Look for sceneries in the clouds
  1. Thoughts to support you sense more in control

If you feel out of control and urge to self-harm, try out these ideas instead:

  • Paint by numbers
  • Give a deep clean to your room
  • Place your books in alphabetical, height, or color order as per wish
  • Make some intricate like a Lego model or air fix
  1. Thoughts for when you are confused

Even human thoughts can get muddled sometimes and they do not know what to think. These effective ideas can support them to begin thinking a little more direct and start to understand themselves.

  • Express yourself through art, music, or words
  • Pain a massive, abstract image using poster paints
  1. Thoughts that remind you that you have a bright future

Sometimes, the future can sense like an unreal view at times and all can think about is the desperate feelings and thoughts that are experiencing now. But, these ideas remind you to have a bright future and it is the best alternatives to self harm:

  • Write your bucket list
  • Think who you will be friends with when you are thirty
  • Think of three things you most trust to achieve in life
  1. Thoughts that cherish rather than harm 

In a few cases, caring for someone else can also be an accurate remedy to feeling self-harm.

  • Play with a sibling
  • Water the garden
  • Sing to a baby
  • Massages parts of your body that make you feel the urge to hurt
  • Ask someone you care about for a hug
  1. Thoughts that remind you that you are the truth

To prevent the feeling of self-harm, these ideas may support:

  • Eat spicy food items
  • Google your favorite topic yourself
  • Punch a cushion
  • Read old diary entries or blog posts
  • Ask someone to offer you a massage
  • Read your final school report
  • Place your hands into a bowl of chill water
  • Have a water fight with a sibling or a friend
  • Have a cold shower
  1. Hindrance strategy to provide you a little time to think 

When you are attempting difficulty to give up self-harming, you can simply give yourself a short time to think that you will be able to cause yourself. These strategies will calm your nervousness and keep you on the safer side:

  • Practice your timetables
  • Read the alphabet forward and forward
  • Count up to 100
  • Run up & down the stairs a minimum of three times

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Ultimately, self-harm is not a solution to any of your issues. But, simply following the above suggestions as a short-term measure can be the safer path of releasing emotion. Also, it is essential that you talk with someone who is able to support you. Rather, you would never feel like you have to go through this alone. If you are feeling self-harm, you can seek help from somebody or just speak with someone who takes care of you. If you need any support to self-harm, then you can simply utilize these alternatives to self harm to have a better future.

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