Top 10 Polyvore Alternatives for Adorable Fashion Lovers

Polyvore is an easy-to-use fashion app to buy clothes of your favorite brands, outfits and fashionably designed, at a free cost of using the app. The interface of this app is amazing and you will, again and again, prefer using Polyvore. To make your search easy, we present this blog with the top 10 Polyvore alternatives, which reduces your effort of looking for the best app.

List of Top 10 Polyvore Alternatives of 2022


ROMWE works best for women and allows them to purchase high-quality products at the lowest prices. It is known to be one of the iconic online fashion destinations and one of the best Polyvore alternatives as well. You can directly get to your desired fashion and purchase without any additional charges.


  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Free shipping for more than $50 regularly
  • Secured payment mode and easy order tracking
  • Free express shipping for more than $99


  • No product exchange
  • Longer shipping time

Smart Closet

This app specializes in allowing you to add clothes from images or take photos, delete the background, edit pictures and its details; you can create and avail more unique looks on fab that you select. It can be downloaded from your Android or iOS phone for free.


  • You can go easy on pictures of clothes and place any picture and can modify it
  • If you are a traveler, you love its packaging
  • The more you customize your filter, the more your preferences are saved in the app


  • Uploading of pictures of clothes, size, color and brand information for each item is quite difficult
  • In seller aspect, it is not free and the interface remains out of fashion


You get access to purchase wonderful fashion and styles as per your desire by using Farfetch. It is a free-to-use app that can be accessed from anywhere in the world from your Android or iOS phones.


  • Fast shipping with 1-2 days of the order process and 1-5 days of final delivery time
  • Excellent customer service to receive responses for your queries, within one business day
  • Enables free global returns and provides round-the-clock support


  • No free shipping available
  • Pricing is slightly high compared to other Polyvore alternatives
  • No huge-saving offers on any items available

Teen Fashion Ideas and Style

With this app, you can save your liked item within the app and share it with your friends using any of your social media accounts. If you are a fashion freak, then the outfits in this app best suits you. The style of outfits in this app makes you feel like your favorite movie star or role model.


  • Great outfits with amazing style fashion that attracts young women group
  • You can know about like-minded people with respect to fashion
  • Increases your confidence after wearing the outfit of your choice


  • Not an apt app for kids in school
  • Might create a negative impact on a few parents
  • To fit into skin-tight dresses, may result in severe dieting habits that may harm your health

Your Closet

This is unique and one of the best Polyvore alternatives that provide a calendar to organize your closet, a tracking tool to observe statistics and shop online. You can add unlimited images or take pictures of clothes and upload them instantly.


  • A calendar to organize your closet
  • More images to view and share with others
  • Easy picking of clothes online and so much fun


  • Slightly high on the pricing side
  • Delivery may take some time
  • No free return policy

Women’s Clothing Styles

A wonderful app for women, who have enough patience to look around all types of fab embedded with style and fashion outfit. It offers lovely jackets and light-feel clothes that give you a soothing feel when worn.


  • Unique collections of fashion compared to other Polyvore alternatives
  • Hell of accessories to match your outfit
  • Varieties of range of products available


  • Best fashion, clothing type imposes high pricing on selected products
  • Sometimes delayed delivery


If you think that you are not updated with the current fashion trend, do not worry! Bershka gives you all the updates you expect. It is easy to shop app that gives access to thousands of fashion outfits, accessories, shoes, etc.


  • Normal in pricing and cute and cheap accessories
  • Patterned clothes that are well-designed
  • Range of clothes can be used by both teens and adults


  • Unavailability of inner and undergarments
  • Very low-quality collection of swimwear and sunglasses
  • Lack of plus-sizes availability

Pull and Bear

This app serves the same purpose as other apps do but with enhanced features such as tap and hold, pull to refresh, zoom filter and regular update.


  • Unique fashion style of clothing
  • Best hoodies and jumpers available both online and in-store
  • Covers all sizes of clothing
  • Very nice perfumes and attracting fashionable T-shirts


  • Bit expensive than what you think
  • Again no inner and undergarments
  • No classy style of clothing or accessories available in case you are looking for something similar


It is an all-in-one purpose app that serves clothing, accessories and other items for all men, women, and kids. It has massive outfits’ collection that caters to various categories with multiple options.


  • Sufficient basic clothing and that too in classy style
  • Great products for men
  • Rich in accessories


  • Quite expensive
  • Lack of colors in clothing


Wear has more than 10 million users and one of the leading famous fashion apps that offer endless style to your fashion desires.


  • It has a fashion community that lets you communicate with others to take advice on fashion before buying
  • Low pricing for good quality products


  • Requires mandatory registration that may annoy you sometimes
  • Delivery may take a hit on bulk purchase

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Polyvore alternative apps are run by different companies from different geographic locations, all for one single purpose, to serve and fulfill your fashion needs. You can check out several other Polyvore alternatives, know their benefits and then use for online purchase.

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