How To Download Diamond Rush On Android?

Diamond Rush On Android: Are you a fan of role-playing games? If yes, you indeed have a host of such games that are waiting for your attention. However, in case, your phone happens to be one of the lowest in terms of resources – maybe you are looking forward to a great role-playing adventure game that is quite easy on resources as well.

If that is the exact case with you, we would recommend you to opt for one of the best role-playing games in its genre – Diamond Rush. We will guide you on how to download Diamond Rush on Android in the following paragraphs.

Diamond Rush From Candy Star – The Best You Can Opt For

Brought to you by Candy Star, Diamond Rush is an excellent game that has grown quite popular enough. The well-known Role Playing game available on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

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The game essentially involves the protagonist of the game to break all barriers and unite with his family. As a player, you come across a lot of impediments and barriers to achieving your goal. You also find diamonds at the barriers. These diamonds can be used to fight the barriers and destroy them.

The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. However, do ensure that you may need to go through a series of tougher and difficulty levels so that you can get through. Do note that the game is likely to get tougher as you move ahead in terms of levels. The more you move ahead – the more difficult the game tends to be. That would make it a challenging and addictive option for your gaming pleasure.

The Features That Make It An Interesting Approach

Well, the game does come with a series of features that would make it an interesting option. Some of them may be summarised as

  • It has over 30 challenging and addictive levels to complete.
  • The gameplay is simple and gravity controlled. Just tilt your phone and continue to play.
  • The game has a befitting storyline that further enhances the game value.
  • You can collect amazing game extras like gems and other things.

Now that you are aware of the special features that the game Diamond Rush comes with, why do you need to wait for anything else? Just move ahead and download the game today….!

How To Download Diamond Rush On Android?

If you are interested in downloading the game on your Android device, you can find it on Google Play Store. However, if you have any issues with your Google Play Store, or do not want to download the game from the Play Store for any reason – you may install the game using its APK file.

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Please note that if you want to download the game using the APK file, you may need to enable app installation from third-party sources. You may skip these steps if you have already been installing apps using the APK files. Please ignore the procedure described if you are installing the game through Google Play Store.

Here is how you can enable Unknown Sources –

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android.
  • Look for the tabs Privacy or Security under Settings.
  • You should be able to find the option for enabling the Unknown Sources under any of these tabs. It will be dependent on the OS version and model of your device.
  • Toggle the option to enable Unknown Sources.

That should do it. You have successfully enabled the app installation from third-party sources. You should now be able to install any app using its APK file.

Once the above settings have been completed, you may go ahead and install the APK file following the steps indicated here below –

  • Download the APK file from an appropriate source. We have provided the APK file link at the end of this section. You can also find the Google Play Store link as well if you are interested in installing the app from the Play Store.
  • Save the APK file at an appropriate location on your phone.
  • Tap on the APK file to commence the installation of the APK.
  • Confirm when prompted for the same.
  • Wait till the installation is completed.

That should do it. You have now successfully installed the Diamond Rush game on your Android device.

Download Links

Diamond Rush APK File
Google Play Store Link

Diamond Rush In A Nutshell

App Name Diamond Rush
Developer Candy star
App Version 1.2.4
Last Updated On September 23, 2013
App Size 3.0 MB
Compatibility Android 2.1 and Higher

Diamond Rush From Candy Star – An Excellent Gaming Option For Low-End Devices

If you are a die-hard fan of role-playing games and cannot afford to opt for the high-end devices that would support such games – Diamond Rush can be the best choice for you. It is a well-known role-playing game that does not hog much of your resources. That would make it an ideal choice for basic smartphones. In fact, the game has even been considered to be the best RPG and Puzzle Adventure game back in 2013 (the game has not received any update since then, though).

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If you are interested enough, you can be sure that the game is supported on your Android device. Download it today and enjoy the world of excellent gaming at its best. If you need any updates about the game and any of its whereabouts, you can trust us for the information. Keep us bookmarked and keep visiting us for all the updates you expect to get. You may share any of your queries through the comments section. We will be more than happy to address your concerns.

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