How To Download BusyBox Pro APK

BusyBox Pro APK: Android is a Linux system that would work with a host of Unix commands. BusyBox is the best option that would help you achieve the task of running a host of several Unix commands on your smartphone. It does run on a variety of platforms like Linux, Android, and FreeBSD. In fact, it can be summarised as the software tool that contains several Unix tools – the stripped versions of these tools –in the form of an executable file.

The software works as a tool that works like the one meant for operating systems that have limited resources at their disposal. How to download BusyBox Pro on your Android? Here are the details of how to do it.

BusyBox Pro APK– An Overview

BusyBox or BusyBox Pro is the best option for embedded operating systems. It is not without anything that it has been termed as the Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux.

The software is released as a free tool under the GNU General Public License Version 2. The tool consists of over 300 most used Unix commands embedded within a single executable file of a portable size. There are several installers available for the complete installation of BusyBox utilities. The best among them is the one presented by Stephen Stericson based on functionality and performance.

BusyBox Pro has been receiving frequent and regular updates and thus has been one of the most popular installers for Android. In fact, this is the first app you would need after rooting your Android device. Why? We will come to it later.

The Best Features That Make BusyBox Pro Apk A Great Choice

Why is BusyBox Pro so important? Well, it has its own set of advantages. Maybe we can summerise a few of them here.

Using BusyBox Pro provides you access to the Unix tools that will run in the background, and lets you access GNU Core utilities. One of the popular and most trusted installer/uninstaller package for your rooted Android device. The fact that over 10 million people have been using the tool and that in itself should be an indication of its functionality.

BusyBox Pro does work with Intel-based devices and a rooted Android device is what you would need on your Android smartphone. That is solely because the tool or the tool package comes with a few basic features that make it an excellent choice to make use of a few hacking tools on your rooted Android device. The latest version of the BusyBox Pro is ad-free and does not need WiFi or Internet connection for the proper functionality.

How To Download BusyBox Pro APK On Your Android?

Well, BusyBox Pro is available on Google Play Store. However, if you want to download the Pro version on Google Play Store, you will need to opt for the Paid version. If you do not want to download the version from Google Play Store for any reason, you may install the app using its APK file.

If you are downloading the app through its APK file, you would need to enable the app installation from third-party sources. You may skip these steps if you have been installing the apps using APK files. In case you are installing the app from the Google Play Store, you may skip the steps.

Here is how you can enable Unknown Sources –

  • Go to the Settings app on your Android.
  • Locate the tabs Privacy or
  • You should find the option for enabling the Unknown Sources under any of those tabs. The exact location would depend upon your device model, OS version, and manufacturer.
  • Toggle the option to enable the Unknown Sources.

That does it. You can now install any app using its APK file. Once that done, you may install BusyBox Pro using the APK file. Here is how you go about it –

  • Download the APK file for BusyBox Pro from an appropriate link. We have provided the link for the APK file at the end of this section. We have also provided the Google Play Store link if you are interested in downloading the app from Play Store.
  • Save the downloaded APK file at an appropriate location on your phone.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation of the APK.
  • Confirm when prompted to.
  • Wait till the installation is completed.

That should do it. You have successfully installed BusyBox Pro.

Download Links

BusyBox Pro APK Link
Google Play Store Link
Google Play Store Pro Version Link

The App In A Nutshell

App Name BusyBox Pro
Developer Stephen Stericson
Latest Version 61
Last Updated On November 27, 2017
Compatibility Android 3.0 and above
App Size 2.4 MB

BusyBox Pro – A Must-have Tool For Rooted Devices

BusyBox Pro is indeed a multifunctional tool that you should and would need on your Android – especially when you are rooted. The smallest size of the installer should make it one of the smallest in size, but huge in functionality tool. In fact, it comes with all the tools you would need on your Android. That would probably explain why it is referred to as the Swiss Knife of the Embedded Linux.

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Well, we would advise you to keep visiting this site for the updated information on BusyBox Pro. We will keep updating this site with all the updated information about this tool and its functionalities. In fact, the app has been going through a series of updates and we promise to keep you updated with all the info as it happens.  Just bookmark us and enjoy the complete freedom with your rooted Android with BusyBox.

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