Best Logic Games for Android In 2021 (Brain Games)

Best Logic Games for Android: Gaming on Android has been leaping towards greater standards since its very commencement. Over time, we have seen the android gaming community expand, as more and more developers come up with interesting games for the platform. Google play store is filled up with millions of games, ranging from less than a megabyte to a few gigabytes of games.

But in this article, we are not going to talk about those big sized games, with great graphics and multiplayer functionality.

Instead, we are going to discuss those games, which are not much big in size, do not require high specifications, and are still fun to play.

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We are going to talk about logic games. Logic games are simply different kinds of puzzles which you are asked to solve. These games require great presence of mind. Most of the games which I am going to discuss in this article are those which are divided into levels and as the game progresses and the levels increase, the difficulty increases, and the IQ demand of the game also increases.

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Such games are one of the best ways to refresh one’s mind. You can play these games during short breaks from whichever exercise you are doing. Also such games help you divert your mind from stress and can help you to look at things in an out of the box way.

So, let us get going and dig into some of these games.Best Logic Games for Android

1) Logic Dots:- Logic dots is one of the most popular logic game made for android platform with over 500,000 downloads. Although the game is available for free on the play store, you can achieve more accessibility by doing some in-app purchases. It is an amazing combination of sudoku and battleship. In this game, you are required to place dots on the grid and solve the given puzzle. Each brain-twisting Logic Dots puzzle consists of a blank grid surrounded by numbers.

Players need to find hidden dot shapes on the grid, making sure each row and column contains the required number of dots.

Download here

2) Divide:- Divide is a very fun android game based on the simple concept of division of numbers. The way in which this game proceeds is that you will be given different numbers between 1 and 100 one by one, and you will have to place them into a 3*3 grid. If a number is divisible by the number adjacent to it in the grid, then the smaller number will be removed completely while the quotient of the division will come in place of the larger number. In this manner, you are supposed to keep adding numbers to the grid and try to remove them through division.

The game comes in different levels, and the levels increase after you score a certain number of points. Divide is a relatively new game, but it is growing at a very fast pace and has secured more than 100,000 downloads from the day it has been launched.

Download here

3) Brain it on:- One of the most fun games in this list of logic games is “Brain it on”. This game comes with different challenges in the form of levels, which have to be cleared by you. The difficulty keeps on increasing as the game progresses and the levels increase.

The objective in this game is to perform a simple task, such as placing an object inside a glass, and doing that task under certain constraints. You need to draw different objects in the given screen.

The object is drawn completely depends on your way of solving the problem as it can be an inclined plane or a staircase of anything that you wish. The constraints could be anything like, not being allowed to draw on a certain portion on the screen.

The best part of this game is its realistic physics, and how physics is used to solve certain problems.

The game is very popular and has more than 10 million downloads.

Download here

4) 2048:- Well, who does not know about this amazing game. I have been playing this game for so long, and I still haven’t got bored of playing it. It is based on a simple concept, and that is to keep arranging numbers inside the grid and never run out of empty spaces in the grid.

The basic flow of the game is that in the beginning you will be given a number on the screen, now you can either move the number upwards, downwards or sideways. For every action that you perform on the grid, a new number is added to the grid. The trick is when two elements holding the same number are crossed, one of them is removed and the other is converted to double the number.

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All the numbers in the grid are of the form 2^k, as only (2 or 4) are added when an action is done. There is no end to this game, so the more you play, the better your score will be. The only task is to beat your previous high score.

2048 is also very popular and has over 10 million downloads.

Download here

5) Brain Dots:- Brain dots is one of the oldest logic games which I have ever come across. I have been playing this game for quite a lot of time, and it is a lot of fun. Well, brain dots is pretty much similar to the brain it on and has an almost similar concept. The difference between them is the interface and the problems given in the different levels of the game. While the problems are given in brain it is different every time, the one in brain dots is always the same i.e. to draw something such that the two given balls meet.

Only this is that the position of the balls in each level changes, and the barriers between them also changes.

Other than that, no major differences can be seen in both games. Brain dots also has very realistic physics and interesting levels.

It is more popular than any other game in this list with over 40 million downloads since it was launched.

Download here

6) Brain:code:- brain: code is built on a very interesting concept and that concept is to use codes to play the game.

By codes, I mean that there are a certain set of codes that perform a particular task. Now, you will be given a problem, which you need to solve by using codes. The interface is like a command-line window, where you get a box to write your code and upon pressing the send key, that particular code is executed.

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Personally while playing this game, I found its problems more challenging than the other games mentioned in this article. However, if you get stuck somewhere, you can always use hints available. Using a hint requires you to spend some credits, which initially given to you are 10, and more can be purchased. The different commands available in the game are text, rotate, move, select, etc.

This is a relatively newer game, but it is rising the charts of popularity very quickly.

Download here

7) Twenty:- Twenty is another amazing logical brain game, where the goal is only one, to create the number twenty. The flow of the game is that you will be given a grid, which will contain some numbers in its bottom-most row. Now, you need to rearrange those numbers so as to reach number 20. The thing is, then you cross two elements containing the same numbers, then they reduce to the number just greater than them, (n and n combined give n+1).

The thing which makes this game tough is the time limit. There is a certain time limit, after which the new row from the bottom fills up with another set of numbers. You need to finish the game before the entire grid gets filled up with numbers. Even though it seems pretty easy upon reading, but trust me it is not.

PS: I’m not sure whether the game ends upon reaching 20 or continues since I haven’t crossed the 20 marks yet, though I think that the game will continue leaving you to create your high score.

Download here

8)  Here:- This is a game that will totally blow your mind. One of the most mindfuck games which I played in the logic games category includes ‘here’. The concept of the game is pretty simple, you will be given a screen where the word ‘here’ will be located (hidden, jumbled, or invisible). You need to find out where the word is located and then click on it.

The first few levels will pass with ease, because the word will either be shown directly or hidden in plain sight. After those first few levels, the difficulty starts to increase and it keeps on increasing as the levels progress.

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If you go and check out the google play reviews of this game, you will realize what a brilliant game has been created by the developers. With over 500,000 installs, ‘here’ is becoming a popular game in the logic games category.

Download here

9) Limbo:- Another awesome game that will blow your mind is limbo. It has been long since I last played this game, and I still remember how challenging this game used to be. The game is so awesome that many popular sites and magazines have given it a full rating while reviewing it.

The concept of the game is that you are a character who enters a forest, and is lost. Now you have to find your way out of the forest, by conquering different problems in the game. Limbo does not directly fall under the brain games genre, but I have still included it in the list because the problems require you to think and observe the things deeply, and then clear the levels.

Limbo is a paid game and requires you to spend around 5$ for the game, however, you can play the first few levels of the game for free by downloading the ‘Limbo Demo’ game, which is a demo version of the original game.

Download here

10) Hashi (Bridges):- Hashi is a typical puzzle game, where you try to connect islands with bridges. In hashi, the goal is to connect different islands with each other. The number of bridges has to be exactly the same as the number mentioned on the island. This is the simple concept behind the hashi game. The gameplay of Hashi is very simple: You press on the island you want to connect, shift to the island you want to connect it to and release your finger on that island. With that, a bridge is built. Repeat to build two bridges, and again to remove the bridges.

Download here

Final Words:- This is my curated list of the best logic games for android. I have played all the games which I have mentioned in this post, and I found them pretty much fun to play. If you then that there are some more games that are fun to play, and are also a great exercise to the brain, feel free to leave their names in the comment section down below. I would love to try them out and also include them in the list if they are good enough.

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