All You Need Know About Grid Alternatives

Grid Alternatives – Grid alternative is a national non-profit organization which is located in Oakland, California. This Grid alternative helps the people in installing the solar power systems and also they provide job trainings for the underserved communities and this is being operated in the United States, Mexico, and Nicaragua and also in Nepal.

They serve the nation with the motto of “People, Planet, and Employment” and Erica Mackie and Tim Sears who are the two engineering professionals formed this foundation during the year 2001.

The history of GRID Alternatives

According to the rules of the US, this GRID alternative has been piloted its flagship solar inexpensive housing scheme in the San Francisco Bay area in the year 2004 and it has been expanded to all the other parts of the state.

In the year of 2008, the GRID Alternatives have been selected by the California Public Utilities Commission to serve as the statewide program manager for its Single-family Affordable solar homes (SASH) which is an incentive program that helps in prompting an expansion across California. In 2013, GRID expanded its work outside California and served for Colorado for the first time.

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Then it started serving in the Mid-Atlantic, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia which was launched in the year 2014, September. In 2017, GRID alternatives Mid-Atlantic has been selected to administrate the whole solar work of the state DC, an additional program of Washington, DC Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) and also the Department of Employment Services (DOES).

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As of now, the company GRID Alternatives has 9 regional affiliates around the globe in which 7 of its affiliates are serving California and by keeping their head offices in Denver, Colorado and in Washington DC. Besides, in the year 2017, the regional affiliate GRID alternative Tri-state in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut has been closed on pointing the administrative reasons.

The mission of GRID Alternatives

The main vision of the Grid Alternatives is the successful transition to clean, renewable energy which includes everyone in the process. The mission of the GRID Alternatives is to make renewable energy technology and to give the job training to the people who are in underserved communities.

This Grid Alternative helps in saving the 80% on your electric bill through which you might get qualify for the state-funded program which has been initiated to make you know about the savings on your energy bills. This energy for all the programs will help you and also your neighbors to access the energy savings, cleaning up the energy, and also the job training opportunities which will make no cost to you.

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The GRID Alternatives volunteering process

The GRID Alternatives provides the volunteering process on the solar installation which is a great way to give it to your community. It does not require any experience and it is not considered whether you are a solar enthusiast, community activist, and a volunteer with your company or a college student, if you join in the GRID Alternatives will teach and train you in a meaningful way. This program also provides additional training for the persons who are looking for jobs in the solar industry. The steps involved in the GRID Alternatives volunteering process includes:

  • Start the process by signing up in the grid alternatives website and you will receive a confirmation email with a link which helps you in moving to the GRID portal.
  • Once you reached the grid portal, create your login ID with the username and the password.
  • Once you get logged in, go to the opportunities calendar to select the orientation near you.
  • Now you can sign up for the installation or the other events from the opportunities calendar.

If you can’t attend the orientation programs, you can also attend it online and after attending it you can volunteer with the GRID Alternatives.

Advantages of using Grid Alternatives:

The main and the foremost advantages of using the GRID Alternatives are listed below:

  • Save money
  • Invest in your home
  • Brings clean power to you and your neighborhood

Save money – The GRID Alternatives helps you in saving 50% to 80% of your electricity bill and also even more amount of money with the energy efficiency tips which have been given by their staff.

Invest in your home – The program which has been conducted by the GRID Alternatives helps in increasing the value of our home.

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Brings clean power to you and your neighborhood – It helps you to be a clean energy leader in your community. By giving the energy for all you will be a part of the solution in your neighborhood. Energy for all is a program that has been conducted by the Grid Alternatives which is a community based non-profit organization that helps in connecting the families with the state and also the local government programs and the other resources in helping them to save their money through the energy.

Benefits of GRID Alternatives:

The culture of the GRID supports learning, growth and also the well being of people. The benefits of being in GRID Alternatives are listed below:

  • It helps in getting emphasis on a healthy work-life balance.
  • It gives an excellent medical package to the volunteers of the GRID.
  • There is a bundled comprehensive dental and vision coverage.
  • Life insurance for all the GRID Alternatives employees.
  • Conducts an employee assistance program.
  • Occasional catered lunches and the team building days.
  • It gives a generous 5 week paid time off and also up to 10 paid holidays.

As everyone can get participated in the transition to clean, renewable energy, your presence will be a gift to the GRID Alternatives which has the ripple effects throughout the communities. They give financial relief for the people with low income and good jobs for the people who need it.

They also give a source of local, renewable energy which cleans the air and also inspires the neighbors to get on the board of the GRID. Hope you get enough information about GRID Alternatives happening around the world.

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