Are You Finding Top 10 Bootstrap Alternatives

Bootstrap Alternatives – With the help of frameworks, you can easily build a maintainable, upgradable and well-structured website based on your needs. If you are looking to save your time, then using a framework is the best choice because it has tons of readily available elements. At present, tons of frameworks are available but bootstrap is gaining huge popularity around the world.

The bootstrap framework is the most famous front end developer tool because of its ready to use elements. However, technology has improved a lot and there are some bootstrap alternatives to design your website in an effective way. Each framework is having a unique and excellent teasing feature that differs from each other.

Here are the bootstrap alternatives that you can use

Pure framework

In case you are looking to develop a web app that will work on both mobile and desktop then you are advised to use pure which is developed from Yahoo. It is having a set of responsive cascading style sheet modules that you will use it in each web project.

When it comes to the web app for mobile then pure is the best choice rather than bootstrap. As a name suggests, it comes as the pure CSS framework. It could be built on top of the normalize.css. One of the main pros of using this framework is that it has a small file size like 4.5KB.

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UI Kit 

When it comes to the lightweight, free and modular front-end framework then UIKit is the best choice. It is developed with LESS and it has maintainable, expandable and well-structured code. It is also offering the grid system which is nestable, fluid and responsive. By using UIkit, you might easily build modals, navigation, dropdown, and buttons. It has comprehensive documentation which is beneficial to start with UIKit easier.


This framework is one of the first CSS frameworks which are implemented with the full-fledged flexbox grid. It came to the market around three years ago and it is having a vast selection of the components so you can use it for any kind of website. Bulma is also known as a beautiful framework because it comes with a beautiful range of the out of the box. Anyone can directly get a nice looking website with the least effort by using the Bulma framework.

According to the latest studies, it is an open-source CSS framework and is used by more than one lakh developers across the world. Remember one thing; it is only considered as CSS framework and it is not having JavaScript. In such kind of situation, you should write your own Jquery or JavaScript to perform specific basic interactions. But overall, it is the excellent bootstrap alternatives, because it is being updated frequently.

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If you are seeking the finest and best alternative to bootstrap then the skeleton is the best choice because it is the lightweight CSS framework. This framework is gaining popularity for its twelve column grid which consists of columns and rows. Fortunately, a new version of the Skeleton might adapt to the mobile-first approach and it will enable layout to be center of the attraction and fit to screen size.

As we know, it is also known as a lightweight framework so it is having the capability to speed up the front end development process. If you are looking to create a straightforward and small website without using a larger framework then the skeleton is the finest choice. It provides complete fundamental components like lists, forms, buttons, table and so on that is enough to build a responsive website.


On the other hand, groundwork is the flexible, responsive and lightweight front end framework and it allows the developers to make accessible and scalable applications. Groundwork framework is really useful to make use of the responsive, adaptive and configurable grid system. These features enable the framework to work on any kind of screen like notebooks.

One of the main advantages of using this framework is that it is completely easy to customize so you can use your own bolt and style to get additional functionality. Actually, it has built on top of the compass and Sass which helps to make responsive text locks, tablets, and headings.

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It is the finest CSS framework which especially built for scalability, maintainability, and performance. This is also known as the mobile-first framework which makes it easier for developers to build, maintain and Scale user interface, responsive website and applications.

It comes with vast numbers of helper classes for reducing development time and quick application styles. Luckily it supports modern browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Google Chrome, and Android. It is the best alternative to bootstrap because it is the first CSS box model and a mobile-first approach.


Powertocss is the lightweight framework that is specially designed on principles SMACSS (Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS). Anyone can easily learn with easy and simple class names like column, button and so on. It is the lightning-fast framework that works on fast to load, fast to develop and fast to learn technology. As we know, Powertocss is open source technology which is completely easy to customize so you can add your own themes and it is a better bootstrap alternative.

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 Mueller is the modular grid system for non-responsive and responsive layouts which is based on the compass. With the help of this framework, you can get full over gutter width, column width, media queries, and baseline grid. It is built upon Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet and open-source CSS authoring framework.

It allows the developers to make a grid using the grid function to keep HTML elements clean and neat. This grid system is effective to make adaptive and creative layouts like Pinterest. It offers total access over media queries, column width, gutter width and baseline grid for your customization, it is a perfect bootstrap alternatives you can have.


Gumby is the responsive and flexible framework built with Sass for web development. It has customizable functions that allow customizing and tweaking an entire UI kit design to meet your requirements. It has multiple layers of the grids along with unique column variations. By default, it is having a 960 grid system and many advanced features.

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Montage JS

Montage JS one of the popular open-source front-end frameworks specifically used to create modern Single-Page Applications (SPA). Developers can feel simple and easy during the development process. Though Montage JS uses expressive HTML codes along with DOM still it delivers smooth user experience and extended UI components. It can be a perfect Bootstrap Front-end Framework alternative in 2022.


If you are a developer then you might well aware of the fact that finding the right framework is a daunting task. You need to be more specific on your requirements on picking the right framework that fits perfectly. Hope the aforementioned list of Bootstrap alternatives will help developers to pick the right front-end framework for their software development process.

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