A detailed review about Funeral Alternatives

Many funeral companies around the world are providing different types of memorial services. Funeral Alternatives of Washington provides the customized service options for clients who like to honor their beloved ones in a meaningful and healing way. Memorial services from a qualified team in this company provide the best support and care as expected by clients. The following details explain to you about this company and its services.

About Funeral Alternatives of Washington 

Second generation funeral director Clair Ferris and Sharon couple founded the Funeral Alternatives of Washington in 2002 intending to provide every client in the South Sound region a ceremony that honors the traditions and keeps their interests in mind. They do the best things for the families of clients and the community. They use every option to enrich life for everyone and achieve success. They have created a low-stress and no-pressure experience for families walking through the funeral planning process.

All visitors to this unique venue for funeral services get more than expected guidance and satisfaction. The staff at this company work hard for including the traditions as well as the customs of each family in their funeral services at competitive prices. These funeral services range from the traditional mortuary services to customized services.

Exploring the funeral services in detail 

Qualified and dedicated personnel of the funeral alternatives of Washington nowadays provide the cheap and best funeral services as per the specifications of their clients. They get ever-increasing recognition due to the unique funeral options such as ShareLife. You can focus on the following details about the funeral services of this company. You will make a good decision and book one of these services as per expectations.

  1. Life celebration 

A life celebration lets kith and kin to gather and find enough support while sharing heartfelt emotions and memories. This service enables every client to share their loved one’s story in the best possible way which is genuine to the life he or she had and aligned with the values he or she held close.

A life celebration can happen at any time after passing. You can use this service from days to months later after your beloved one’s death. This leading company provides a beautiful environment where clients can hold a life celebration. Well experienced personnel of this company assist clients to design a suitable life celebration which reflects as well as appreciates their beloved one.

  1. Burial service 

A burial service of the funeral alternatives of Washington lets the family and friends connect while crying, laughing and sharing stories regarding their loved one before such a person is laid to rest. This company provides customized burial services.

There are different things included in this service like burial takes place with a casket in the room or any venue as per the preference of the client, a viewing if required and followed by the usual funeral service before the graveside gathering at the traditional cemetery.

Clients can choose the memorial chapel here or church or non-traditional venue which is in the family home or an attractive outdoor setting. Friendly and experienced personnel of this company assist every client with the funeral arrangement and accommodate all essentials of local families with affordable and customized options.

  1. Cremation service

A cremation service from the funeral alternatives of Washington is affordable today. Many residents mostly prefer this service. There is no limitation about how clients can honor their loved one who has preferred cremation. Kith and kin organized to honor and celebrate the life of their beloved one. They can hold a memorial or funeral service in a place which held real value in their life. Some of these places are in a chapel, at home or any other special place.

Families who chose cremation can get a wide range of options in the permanent memorialization category. Beginners to the cremation process can feel free to contact expert staff in this company and get enough guidance and make certain that their loved one is cared for with complete respect and dignity. An array of cremation options is available now to fit the budget and needs of every family.

  1. Veteran service

The qualified and friendly staff at the funeral alternatives of Washington provides the same compassionate tribute and memorial services to kith and kin of veterans all through the service areas. They provide honorable and meaningful services for veterans.

Some of the best amenities associated with services are the completion of the applications associated with veterans’ benefits, professional service from a team of advisors and caring staff members, the coordination of essential documentation and other things.

  1. Shipping service

One of the funeral directors of the funeral alternatives of Washington assist clients who require getting the loved one back as death occurs away from home.

This company provides the best guidance and services associated with arrangements to bring the deceased home from any location in the world.

You can feel free to contact this company upon finding out regarding the death of your beloved one away from home. This team arranges for the shipping of the deceased and enhances overall efforts to coordinate the arrangements for the return. This team works with other funeral professionals where the actual death occurred and gets the correct paperwork before arranging the shipping.

What happens after the death of a loved one? 

This company provides enough assistance to get the essential documentation required by clients to start the healing process. Funeral staffs in this company are experienced and caring. They take some stress away from the overall funeral planning. They provide enough information and emotional support required by clients. They provide 24/7 support and discuss with clients regarding the details of arrangements in person.


Many residents prefer and use the funeral arrangement to avoid any stress and confusion. You may require the emotional assistance and clerical assistance after the death of a loved one. This leading funeral service provider helps every client in a step-by-step way through the memorial planning.