Top 10 shaving cream alternatives for men in 2021

As we know, shaving cream is one of the best grooming products for men and it minimizes the risk of redness, irritation, and razor burn. But, it seems to worse when you have an empty tube of shaving cream. In such kind of situation, using shaving cream alternatives is the best choice. This kind of alternative must provide a smooth shave without any irritation.

Here are the effective shaving cream alternatives and choose the best one based on your wish.

  1. Baby oil 

Baby oil is also known as pure mineral oil and it gives you a better result when you shave. At the same time, it reduces the probability of cuts, razor smack, nicks and other kinds of skin irritations. If you use baby oil then it helps to work razor smoothly. You are advised to use only a few drops of the baby oil. Suppose you use more amounts of baby oil then your razor might obtain all gunked up. It acts as the shield and leaves your face lubricated and smooth.

You might also rely on other kinds of oils like olive oil, coconut oil and other varieties like avocado oil. This kind of oil makes shaving smooth, pain-free and simple. At the same time, it helps to treat specific skin programs like psoriasis.

  1. Hair conditioner 

In case you are in the shower without the shaving cream then hair conditioner is the finest choice because it could be the best shaving cream alternatives. As we know, it is rich in the skin-beneficial ingredients designed to hydrate. It provides a slick surface on your skin and it acts as the shaving cream so it might leave your skin feeling softer rather than usual. If you are not having hair conditioner then you can take advantage of shampoo because it is also a good solution that works well when you shave your beard. The shampoo creates shaving simply because it creates a great lather that can cleanse facial and skin hair.

  1. Shea butter 

Previously, you might rely on the shea butter as you’re before a shave or later than shower moisturizer but it is also acting as the smooth shave cream. It is widely used in place of the shaving cream which makes the blades of razor for removing hair smoothly. At the same time, it allows for the close shave. One of the main benefits of using this shea butter is that you no need to use any lotion while shaving. If you use this butter then you can get the glow after shaving.

  1. Regular old soap

Everyone is having soap at home and if you are not having shaving cream then using soap is the smartest job. It helps to do your job done without facing any cuts or irritation. If you wish to use soap as shaving cream then make sure to lather up bar for making sudsy surface at your skin. Suppose you are not using it properly then you might end up with the painful razor burn and clogged up the razor blade. According to the studies, soap lasts for a longer time rather than shaving cream. Glycerin soap is considered the best shaving cream alternatives because it provides amazing benefits.

  1. Raw honey 

Now a day, people might have raw honey at their kitchen and you can also bring it to the bathroom because it is one of the best shaving aid as well as a moisturizer. It is offering the slick protection which you need while you take a razor to the skin. People love to use honey as shaving cream alternatives because it has excellent properties to protect your skin. Suppose the honey is too sticky or thick then try to add small amounts of water which makes it excellent shaving cream replacement.

  1. Peanut butter 

It is the sandwich filler which is creamy and thick. But, it creates the perfect one to slather your skin when you shave your beard. Remember one thing; it could be messy and it requires lots of razor cleaning during the shaving process but the results will make it worthwhile. The major attractive benefits of using peanut butter as the shaving cream alternatives because it leaves hydrated and soft skin. If you are willing to keep peanut butter handy then you can use other nut butter like almond butter because it helps to moisturize and prevent razor burn to create a smooth texture.

  1. Aloe Vera 

It is having the capability to reduce the pain of sunburns and it is one of the best ways to treat and prevent razor burn. It has unique consistency which might less mess and it will not surely damage your razor. It has a cooling feature which helps to get rid of scratching and itching. You can either use it straight from the plant or you can buy it online. It could be considered as the best shaving cream alternatives because it is not producing harmful effects.

  1. Body lotion

It is quite similar to the shea butter, hair conditioner and other kinds of skin moisturizers. It has excellent consistency and it provides a smooth barrier between the skin and razor blade. It works as a shaving cream because of its consistency.

  1. Dishwashing soap 

It is one of the soaps which is helpful to provide pain-free shave because it is the finest alternatives to shaving cream. It allows the thinner version of the foamy shaving cream. But, it might not good at preventing irritation but it can do the shaving job at good.

  1. Mix and Match 

Sometimes, the best alternative for shaving cream might be a combination of different ingredients. You can use coconut oil and aloe vera as shaving cream which is beneficial to get smooth and soft skin.


There are tons of alternatives available for shaving cream but choosing the best alternative is necessary because not all alternatives are suitable for your skin. Do some research to find out the best alternative to opt for your skin and provide drastic results.