Top 10 alternatives to adhd medication in 2021

People who are suffering from behavior problem Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) need to use the best medication to reduce the level of this problem at first. However, they require alternatives to ADHD medication and get a safe method to heal ADHD. Some of the best alternatives to the medications recommended for ADHD treatment are as follows.

List of 10 Best Alternatives to Adhd

  1. Diet

A good diet is the best alternative to ADHD medication beyond doubt. Children who suffer from migraine headaches and allergy symptoms associated with ADHD can get a good improvement in their overall health when they follow a healthy diet plan. They can reduce the consumption of sugar and additives to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. They can consume healthy foods and keep away from processed foods. As compared to spending money to buy medications, you can spend time and make healthy recipes at home for reducing the ADHD level.

  1. Vitamin supplements

Many children suffer from ADHD mainly because of a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. If they have iron, zinc or magnesium deficiency, then they can prefer and use the vitamin supplement. This is advisable to consult with your doctor and find out what amount of vitamin supplement is suitable for your child. This is because megavitamins lead to different health problems. You can follow suggestions from your doctor and support your beloved child to heal ADHD within a short period without any issues.

  1. Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are alternatives to ADHD medication beyond doubt. Some of the essential fatty acids are primrose oil and fish oil. Regular consumption of foods rich in fatty acids can give you good improvement in mental health. As a sufferer of ADHD, you can make use of the fatty acids based recipes in your routine diet and begin a step for gradually reducing the symptoms of the ADHD. You will get different benefits from fatty acids.

  1. The best herbs

Different types of herbs are known and recommended for the treatment of ADHD. The first-class herbs aid in the improvement of memory and thinking. You have to consider the purity of the herb before using it as herbal products are not usually regulated. This is worthwhile to research the toxicity, safety and other aspects of herbal products before using them. Valerian is an herb used to heal anxiety and sleep problems. Ginkgo biloba is helpful a lot for improving brain function.

  1. Forgo preservatives and food colorings

Many people eagerly seek the cheap and best alternatives to ADHD medication with an interest to safely treat ADHD problems in their beloved child. Appropriate alternative treatment is useful a lot to manage the main symptoms of ADHD like forgetfulness, difficulty paying attention, organizational problems and frequently interrupting. The latest researches reveal that some food colorings and preservatives increase the hyperactive behavior in some children. Some of the foods rich in food colorings and preservatives are carbonated beverages, salad dressings, breadcrumbs, candy, soft drinks, cereal, icing, sorbets, pickles, gelatine desserts, and ice cream.

  1. Avoid potential allergens 

Individuals who keep away from the possible allergens can improve the behavior and heal ADHD without any negative side effects. If you suspect that your beloved one has allergies, then you must check with an allergy doctor without any delay. You have to avoid foods lead to allergies in your child with ADHD problems. Chemical-based preservatives or additives such as BHA and BHT are used in chewing gum, potato chips, cereal, butter, dry cake mixes, and instant mashed potatoes. You have to avoid food containing salicylates like prunes, tomatoes, berries, cider, grapes, and peaches.

  1. EEG biofeedback

Electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback is a Neurotherapy and used to measure brain waves. This treatment is one of the safest alternatives to ADHD medication in recent years. As a promising treatment for ADHD, EEG training gets ever-increasing popularity in our time.

In the usual session of the EEG biofeedback, a child may play a special video game and get a task to concentrate on the game which teaches him or her new focusing techniques required over time.

  1. Consider Tai Chi or Yoga class

Many studies regarding the ADHD medication alternatives in our time recommend the Yoga. This is because Yoga is helpful to everyone with ADHD. A child with ADHD can practice yoga daily and reduce anxiety, hyperactivity and social problems within a short period. Individuals who attend the Tai Chi classes can get enough assistance and improve their ADHD symptoms. They are not hyperactive and anxious. They also displayed some inappropriate emotions and daydreamed less when they regularly attend the tai chi classes.

  1. Spending enough time outside

Sufferers of ADHD are advised to spend maximum time outside. If they spend at least 20 minutes outside, then they can enhance their concentration and get an improvement in the overall mental health. They can get regular exposure to green space and outdoors. This is because the natural environment plays the main role in the enhancement of the health of people with ADHD. Do not forget that nature settings and greenery are very beneficial for children with ADHD. Spending time outdoor is one of the simplest alternatives to ADHD medication and recommended by many people with a specialization in ADHD treatments.

  1. Behavioral or parental therapy 

Parents of children who suffer from severe ADHD problems can prefer behavioral therapy and get a good improvement in the health of their children. This is because behavioral therapy is the first and successful method to treat youngsters with ADHD. The behavioral modification approach works on individuals who require resolving particular problematic behaviors. Parental therapy provides tools for parents to help their children with ADHD.


You have to focus on the pros and cons of every alternative to the ADHD medication in detail. You can pick anyone and use the better one of these alternatives as per your requirements to heal ADHD.