How to Set WhatsApp profile picture in full size

How to set WhatsApp profile picture in full size: Ever tried setting a full picture as your profile picture on WhatsApp? Then principally you’d got to face the matter once it asks to crop the picture. Thanks to this, you have got to pick a selected portion of the picture, that isn’t what you desired however haven’t any alternative. Check AlsoGB Whatsapp Alternatives

What is the Issue?

The reason why you can’t simply use a full-size picture is owing to the actual fact that WhatsApp profile image accepts a square ratio of 1:1. this is often unacceptable because the photos clicked by the Smartphone camera square measure either in landscape or portrait mode.

That said, if you would like to line a large profile image while not cropping then this text will certainly allow you to succeed that from iPhone and humanoid. Therefore, let’s see, however, we can perform this. Check Also- Voice Changer Apps .full size image on whatsapp without cutting

How to set WhatsApp profile picture in full size

Set full-size Profile picture In WhatsApp You will need to edit the pic with the assistance of the apps we’ve mentioned below. These apps flip photos into sq. size by adding varied forms of backgrounds to the images.

Whereas a number of the tools permit adding easy paddings, others allow you to add paddings with numerous designs, effects and even have the choice to edit the photos. Let’s begin with android 1st. Check AlsoBest Prank Website

How to set WhatsApp profile picture in full size in Android

For this purpose, we tend to area unit getting to use 2 apps; No Crop for WhatsApp and WhatsCrop to stand your image. Each of the apps has virtually equivalent options, however one distinction.

In No Crop, you’ll save ample the image then uploads it to WhatsApp, however, WhatsCrop can directly upload the image to WhatsApp profile image as presently as you’re finished redacting the image.

App one – No Crop

  1. You’ll download this app for free of charge from Play Store. Once the download is finished, open the app and faucet on Click here to open a picture or the folder icon at the all-time low of the screen. Then choose any photograph that you just want to line as your profile image.
  2. Because the image opens within the app, you may see the paddings superimposed as per the orientation of the image i.e. landscape or portrait to create them into the sq. form.
  3. If the image seems within the wrong orientation, then you’ll use your fingers to rotate them into the right one. Here you’ll modification the artefact exploitation of the image icon as shown within the screenshot below.

You can add artefacts to the photograph with either blur or normal results or using the other colour you need. It conjointly permits adding filters, texts and even customizes the colour of the image if you would like to from the choices given at the all-time low of the screen.

  1. Currently, you’re able to save the image, and for that, you’ll choose from 2 completely different formats, i.e. JPEG or PNG. For that, tap on the 3 dots at the highest right corner, select} the Image format possibility, and choose consequently.
  2. Once all that’s done, tap on the save icon at the highest right, and your image is saved within the device gallery. You can use the saved image as your profile image.

App 2 – WhatsCrop

  1. Download WhatsCrop without charge on your device from Play Store and so open it.
  2. Tap on the image icon, then either choose the picture (any existing one) or Take a picture (take a brand new photo) using the camera.
  3. Then you’ll choose whether or not to suit the image during a circle or the sq. by sound the crop icon. WhatsApp uses an sq. picture and shows the profile image to others during a circle.
  4. Next, you’ll additionally modification the orientation of the image with the given button if needed.
  5. you’ll additionally get to feature paddings or background to create the image sq. with varied patterns, colours, or images. You’ll even add frames if you would like to create your profile image a lot of engaging.
  6. After this, tap on the share icon as shown below and it’ll directly take you to the WhatsApp profile image section with the image you’ve got created.

 Then all you’ve got to try to do is tap on done and your profile image is about while not cropping.

How to set WhatsApp profile picture in full size on iPhone Devices

For the iPhone, there are quite a few apps that sq. your photos however here we tend to area unit reaching to use Square Sized. you’ll be able to download it for free of charge from the App Store.

  1. As you may open the app, it’ll allow you to choose the image from the device gallery otherwise you will take a brand new are from the camera instead. After this, you may see the image with a blank or white background. Here you’ll be able to rotate or zoom the image as you want.
  2. Within the Border tab, you’ll be able to add numerous colours, lines, or patterns to the border within the image. It even permits adding another image to the background to create it as a border and apply a blur result thereto.

 Additionally, you’ll be able to additionally add filters, edit the pictures, add stickers, and even layers to the picture.

  1. Once all is finished, tap on the save icon at the highest right. You’ll be able to either save it on the device, send it in email, or copy it to the writing board.

 Now you’ll be able to use this image to the line as a profile image with no inessential cropping.

How to set WhatsApp profile picture in full size in PC/ Mac

If you utilize WhatsApp on a laptop via the net or perhaps the desktop application and want to vary the profile image from there, however still while not cropping then you’ll be able to use the higher than apps on your individual devices, and so transfer the sq. image to your laptop. Then you’ll be able to use that image on either WhatsApp net or desktop app as a profile image.


So why you’re waiting for, download these apps that allow you sq. your photos and edit them to line large WhatsApp profile photos. Let your friends scrutinize the entire photo! simply detain mind that this image can become a region of your backups if you’ve got a WhatsApp backup enabled. to avoid that, stop the backups by following these stepwise directions. If somebody is aware of a lot of ways that to attain this kindly allow us to recognize through your comments.