10 Best Alternatives for Dental Implants in 2022

Alternatives for Dental Implants – Often, we have to face some issues related to tooth loss and the one thing that comes in our mind is the dental implant. No doubt, they can be an effective treatment but you need to know that it is not the only option out there. In case, you are thinking to get it done, it would be better to educate yourself with the other alternatives to dental implants that might be equally good for you. Check AlsoStatin Alternatives

Best Alternatives for Dental Implants

In this article, it will be conspicuous to comprehend that several other options can help you to solve your problems. Just have a look at them and choose  Alternatives for Dental Implants one that would work well in your case.Dental implant

Root Canal Treatment 

This is one of the best cost-effective options if an infection occurs inside the tooth. The process will help in cleaning the tooth and a dental crown will be put up. This will not only provide support to the tooth but will improve the overall appearance of the tooth as well. Later on, you can also opt for a dental implant if you wish, but this is a good replacement if you are considering to get a dental implant done.

Mini Dental Implants 

These dental implants can be called as a kind of dental implants. They are usually 3 mm in diameter, that’s a little less as compared to the general dental implants, which are almost twice as large as this one. It is more preferable for the protection of the entire upper or lower denture. If the patient’s condition is under control, then this alternative to dental implants is considerable.

Full Mouth Dentures 

When it comes to replacing all of your remaining teeth to get removed due to an infection or maybe you are left with no tooth, give this alternative some thought. After the procedure, you can properly chew your food. But chances are it won’t be as effective as the dental implants when chewing food comes into the picture. Mostly, full mouth dentures are preferred but you can also go with partial dentures if you want.

Partial Dentures  

When you still have some healthy teeth left but you want to replace the missing ones, then partial dentures are also an alternative to dental implants. In this process, the teeth are supported with the help of a plastic base. It consists of a metal frame and the metal clasps hold the teeth together.

With partial dentures, it would become easy for you to talk and eat more freely. And it can be removed as well when required but still, partial dentures might not be much comfortable compared to other alternatives.

Fixed Bridges  

When you decide to get a denture done, you might be concerned that it may get loose in the future while cleaning it. To prevent such risks, you can go for fixed bridges, which is a more rigid solution. It is done by using a special kind of material.

Besides, fixed bridges being fixed doesn’t let you clean it properly. Plus, it can also lead to damaging the other natural teeth as well. Have a thorough conversation with your dentist before opting for this one. Otherwise, it is a treatment that you can think of.

Resin-bonded Bridge 

Also known as Maryland bridge, this alternative is preferred where chewing doesn’t put much stress on any part of the teeth, that’s the frontal area. It uses wings that are fitted properly into the inner surfaces of the teeth adjacent to the gap. The gap is then filled with the replacement tooth.

But keep in mind, resin-bonded bridges won’t be as powerful as fixed bridges.

Gum Disease Treatment 

Sometimes, the problems occur in the gums around a tooth and we think that the dental implants are the only option left. But it might be the gums that need treatment and not the tooth. Several procedures are there that can help you in this regard:

  • Go for gum grafts if there is a recession in gums around a tooth. In this case, the healthy gum tissue will be removed from a specific part and will be reinforced to the area where it is receding.
  • Your dentist may advise you to choose a regenerative procedure in which bacteria are removed and natural/artificial bone along with the tissue-strengthening proteins is applied. This will help to regrow the tissues around the area in a proper way.

Same-Day Dental Implants 

These are often done by attaching a temporary crown on the same day of the dental implant surgery. It provides you comfort to eat properly and will also add a benefit in giving you a good aesthetic smile. Yes, it may take a while to integrate with your jawbone.

On the other hand, it is also not meant for all because it requires a little more jawbone density to get the implant done so that it supports well.

Removable Dental Bridges  

Removable bridges work the same way other bridges do. A metal framework is used to support the natural teeth, and in this case, the patient has the freedom to remove the bridge whenever required.

Though you need to be careful while eating. You should begin with softs foods that are easy to chew and avoid the hard ones. It will be better if you chew small pieces of food from both sides.


All-on-4, as the name suggests, uses 4 implants that are placed near the frontal area to provide a base and stability to the replacement teeth set. This can prove to be a better alternative to dental implants to those who have a lower bone density.


To sum up, the above said, there can be several options that can help you when you are contemplating about the dental implants and they might be easy on your pocket too. Before deciding anything, having appropriate knowledge is necessary. Always consult your doctor before you go with any of the alternatives.