Top 10 Statin Alternatives To Lower Body Cholesterol

Statin Alternatives – People facing cholesterol problems probably by know-how high levels of cholesterol can cause so many health issues. If you don’t control it on time then there are high chances for your body to face health issues and of all the risk of strokes and heart attack is the most.

Your health care expert will advise you to be on medicines that will bring your cholesterol level dunes control and the chances to advise Statin is the most obvious of all. As per the research made, the first line of drugs for controlling the cholesterol level is Statin.

Who Can Use Statin Drug? 

Many people have some genetic conditions which increase the cholesterol level. This can have side effects like liver issues and muscle pain too. And that is when to take statin is not the right choice. Other medicines may reduce LDL cholesterol while increasing the HDL level. But they are all still under the research phase.

Understanding The Concept Of Statin:

This type of medication is a prescribed drug that is designed for lessening down the cholesterol level. It inhibits the enzyme which is needed for creating the cholesterol present in the level. If there is no enzyme then your body will fail to create the fat which you have consumed into the required cholesterol. Excess of cholesterol can be harmful to arteries as it increases the plaque built up. This eventually would make the blood flow extremely slow and the risk of heart attack increases too

Types Of Statins That Are Available

Many types of statins are available in the market today which includes:

  1. Atorvastatin (Lipitor)
  2. Pravastatin (Pravachol)
  3. Fluvastatin (Lescol)
  4. Rosuvastatin (Crestor)
  5. Simvastatin (Zocor)
  6. Pitavastatin (Livalo)
  7. Lovastatin (Altoprev)

Even if all the statin might be working similarly but the response of the body might be better to one type as compared to the other one. There are some alternatives to statins that work just as best as this one, talking of which to name some are:

Stalin Alternatives

Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors

In case statin is not the right choice for you or you have been frequently facing the side effects your doctor will advise you different types of drugs for treating the high cholesterol level. This is an alternative which is called cholesterol absorption inhibitor. With this option, all kind of small intestine injuries gets in control, it will not reach the bloodstream at all. By the name of the drug, ezetimibe is sold in the market.

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Red Yeast Rice Extract (RYRE)

It is said that a Bowl of red yeast rice is extremely good for health. It is made from the fermentation of the yeast present in rice and is also sold as the supplement. It claims to reduce the LGL cholesterol to 25 percent and is quite an effective option wit lasting result

Cholestyramine Resins

This might be one of the oldest drugs being sold which greatly reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Nut they have a lot of drawbacks and if you are planning to use it as an alternative to statin then think twice and thrice

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This is another alternative that is built aid binding resin. It is said to be that effective drug that binds to the bile which is present in the intestine. It blocks the absorption of cholesterol from reaching the bloodstream. It is the oldest form of medicine that you can find in the market that effectively manages to bring cholesterol levels under control. It may show you some serious drawbacks like vitamin deficiency especially vitamin K which is essentials for blood stop.

Plant Stanols Anld Sterols

It is clear evidence that food rich in sterols and stanols are quite good to reduce the cholesterol level in moderate quantity and suffice it to say yogurt drinks and sunflower oil are the best options that you can opt for


This effective alternative is quite good to bring cholesterol under control. It is a great choice over statin but there are some of the complaints that often people have stated that include intestine flushing of the skin and hair fall. It might reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack which of course is a good sign. But you need to understand the fact that excess of any medicine can have serious drawbacks and if you don’t get a quick result then the doctor will advise you to take it for some more time. That is why; you have to make up your mind for the drawbacks.

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The Focus Of Advising This Medicine Is To Reduce The Level Of Triglyceride That Primarily Causes pancreatitis. It is the modest effective option you can choose that can reduce the LD cholesterol to 15% and control the risk of stroke too


Other than this, is Policosanol the best supplements that are effective to control the cholesterol level. As long as you take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor, it may not cause any harmful effects. But yes, compared to statin it works 25% less effectively.

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PCSK9 Inhibitors

It may have some amount of active ingredients that can vary. It suppresses the enzyme which our body genes express and thus lower down the LDL amount. If you want to choose such alternatives the speaking with your healthcare expert is advised.

Other Natural Alternatives

There are also natural remedies available such as

  • Oat Bran
  • Barley
  • Garlic
  • Artichoke
  • Sitostanol
  • Blond Psyllium
  • Beta-Sitosterol

However, it is only your doctor who can better advise you what should be taken and what can be possibly avoided.

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There are so many different lifestyle changes that you may have to do to control your cholesterol intake. Starting with the diet, include only green leafy vegetables and chicken which is good for your heart. Red meat, smoking, alcohol are big ‘no-no’! Your fish and fruit intake should be more and also it is important to do workouts regularly.

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