10 Best in Call voice changer Apps for Android

In call voice changer apps for android  – Among such a lot of completely different fun apps for android and for iPhone, one in all the foremost forgotten categories within the previous few years are people who work best as voice changers for his or her users.

Usually, this could be done by using many totally different effects and might be finished for several reasons, however, it gets a place to use additional typically in a comical setting. So, let’s start with Best in call voice changer apps for android. Check Also – GB Whatsapp Alternatives

Best in call voice changer apps for androidvoice changer apps

Although there’s been less demand, there are still quite a few nice apps you’ll be able to use to vary your voice. To learn which of them are the simplest and begin using one, you’ll be able to simply keep reading this article! Everyone likes some smart pranks, and during our childhood, we should have contended several of their friends with some tricks.

If you’re still searching for some fun while sitting in your home throughout these pandemic times, we’ve you covered. What if we tend to tell you you’ll be able to prank your friends by the business via voice changer app sitting right wherever you’re. If you’re curious about a way to change voice throughout the call, the solution lies within the blog. Check Also – Best Logical Games for Android

Best Voice Changer – Free

Just from the name, this app is one that says it’s the simplest to change the voice of their users, and you can’t even say this claim is that a lot of of a stretch. The app allows you to record audio files or import files you have already got so you’ll be able to then add many totally different effects as you like.

This is a free-to-use application, that’s lightweight and works cleanly. apart from the options we’ve already talked regarding, it also allows you to share all of your recordings on social media platforms and even flip your voice into that of a robot, a ghost, or maybe an associate alien.

Voice changer with effects

This is an app that you will use to record your voice so apply filters and effects to change however your sound, creating your voice deeper. a good part is that you just will attempt, use, and take away totally different filters from the exact same recording, while not the necessity to record it once more.

You can also share the already edited recording with the other apps to share it along with your friends. sadly, you can’t use it throughout a telephone call. to find out a lot regarding this app, go to the Play Store.

Call Voice Changer – IntCall

This is one of the best voice changer apps that may what it guarantees and changes absolutely but you sound, material possession you add letting of effects. In it, you’ll be able to build it therefore your voice is much higher, or much deeper, with simply the press of a button!

New users get a free 3-day trial to undertake out the app so they’ll decide whether or not or not they suppose it’s worth it to sign in. throughout all phone calls, you’ll be ready to play some funny sound effects, like characters from cartoons, birthday songs, greetings in different languages, and far a lot of.

Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

Overall, FunCall may be an extremely nice various to record your voice, definitely deserving a spot on our list. It works even during phone calls, letting you record all of them if you select, creating it one of the simplest call recording apps for android.

It is very simple to use and allows you to hear and take a look at out all the various effects without charge, however it doesn’t supply as several choices as a number of the opposite apps on this list. Even so, it’s value checking it out by going to the Play Store.

Super-Voice Editor

One of the most classic options for the simplest voice changer apps is Super-Voice Editor, which includes a massive type of voices, including a lot of masculine or female ones, moreover as heroes, children, aliens, and much more.

You can also edit the audios on the app It offers support for WhatsApp so you’ll be able to record and use the voice filters in the time period among the messaging app. download it on the Play Store.

Call Voice Changer Allogag

Call Voice Changer Allogag is another very easy, however smart app you’ll be able to use if you would like to change your voice. It may be used throughout phone calls and its interface is extremely simple to use.

It’s potential to add several completely different effects and the app even has several voice tonalities if you would like to make your own that different.

Voice Changer plus

Even though you can’t use it during phone calls, during this app you’ll be able to create and add voice filters, also as share all of your recordings fully for free! You can choose from associate outsized kinds of filters that vary from a robot voice, an argonon voice, to the voice of Darth Vader himself. apart from that, you’ll be able to also speed up your voice, slow down your voice, or even play it backwards. Another iOS choice, download it on the App Store.

Voice Changer (AndroidRock)

Voice Changer, developed by AndroidRock, is one altogether the foremost effective apps you will be ready to use to alter your voice, considerably therefore because of its myriad of varieties of affects you can’t typically notice in most totally different apps. It permits you to record your voice (or import an already recorded file) and so apply whichever filter you like. free to use, it will be downloaded on the Play Store.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder – ( Handy Tools Studio)

With this app, not only are you able to choose to use the voice of your favourite superhero, but also conjointly sound like an alien, a robot, an animal, and much a lot of? you’ll be able to additionally sing and record music with one in all its voice filters, also as edit them then share.

 In different words, you’ll be able to use this app just about like an autotune to sound like one of all the best singers by using effects, like choir, turntable, studio reverb, theatre, show, among others.


Voice Changer, developed by AndroidRock, is one all told the foremost effective apps you will be able to use to alter your voice, considerably thus thanks to its myriad of varieties of effects you can’t sometimes notice in most completely different apps.

 In the app, you’ll be able to conjointly use the live playback feature to talk into the app and have it play it back with the result applied. to be told a lot, follow this link to the Play Store.


MagicCall has a lot of options in terms of voice changing compared to the app higher than. it’s some planned voices that make you sound like another standard person. Or a minimum of, that’s what it claims however that didn’t really seem to work on behalf of me. you’ll be able to produce your own custom plan that you simply can quickly use later too.

There is background, therefore, funds to so you’ll be able to fake being at a celebration, for example. The one drawback is you’ve got to register using your sign to even try the app. therefore you’ve got to form that selection.

MagicCall app has multiple voices, which build it the most effective voice changer app within the world like fake call, funny voice changer, female voice changer, Funny phone call, prank call, celebrity voice changer, male voice changer, lady voice changer.

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer app for android. The developers of this app think about it as “the funniest app in the world.” That’s a lot of out of love maybe than a selling choice however the app is often fun to use.

It allows you to add effects to your voice in real-time while you’re on a call. except dynamic the pitch of your voice, you will be ready to apply period effects like that of a clock, bells, airborne, etc.

Girls Voice Changer

If you’re trying to find the simplest voice changer app that may convert your voice to a woman, throughout phone calls, then ladies Voice Changer is that the app for you. The app provides multiple choices to convert your voice.

You’ll be able to choose the age of the lady you would like to sound like and use the app to prank others. Let’s have a glance at a number of the options, pros, and cons of this effective best decision voice changer app for a lot of data.

Features of girls Voice Changer

The app contains ten totally different voice-changing effects consistent with the age of the lady. Apart from ladies, the app may convert your voice to a mechanism, baby, and others. The app provides multiple choices to save lots of or delete the audio. One of the simplest options of the app is that you simply get to share your creations over totally different platforms.

Celebrity Voice Changer – Face

As the name suggests, the Celebrity Voice Changer app helps you to sound sort of a celebrity. it’s a time period phone voice changer app iPhone that you just will use to prank your friends over a call. The app additionally has machine learning technology, that helps you to feature some new voices still.

This is one of all the free apps available on the Apple app store. However, it offers in-app purchases that you just will use to explore a lot of advanced options and practicality of this one in all the simplest voice changer apps iPhone throughout phone calls. Below, we’ve got additionally highlighted the options, pros, and cons of the Celebrity Voice Changer app that we’ve got discovered.

Features of Celebrity Voice Changer

The app permits you to flaunt your talent with immeasurable different users. Celebrity Voice Changer provides high-quality outputs terribly simply. The app provides new voices in step with your requests.

This app uses the Deep Learning Technology by Voice.ai to supply the simplest results quickly. From Bryan Cranston, Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, Alan Rickman, and varied others, the app has all

The Bottom Line

These are the Best in call voice changer apps for android. What will be ultimately said is that if you would like to own fun together with your family or friends by faking your voice, then you’ll be able to use any of them on top of provided best free voice changer apps for iPhone & Android smartphones.

Some of them permit you to change your voice on a live decision, whereas a number of them allow ever-changing voices within the videos. Hence, it all depends on your preference the one you choose to use. And to create it easier for you to select the best voice changer apps throughout phone calls, we’ve got conjointly provided their options, pros, and cons. So, you’ll be able to simply opt for what you would like.