Among Us Alternatives – Top 10 Games Like Among Us

Among Us Alternatives: After the crazy success of Fall Guys, another game has become the talk about the city. Yes, we tend to be talking concerning among us that overtook Fall Guys and have become the most-streamed game within the half-moon.

That’s not all. Thus, if you enjoyed taking part in Among us and looking out for a lot of such games then you have got return to the proper place. Here, we’ve created the twelve best games like Among us that have an identical social deduction theme. thus without any delay, let’s act and realize the most effective Among us alternatives. Check AlsoIn Call Voice Changing Apps

List of Top Among Us AlternativesAmong Us Alternatives


The reason I even have placed Deceit on high despite having somewhat different gameplay is that its theme of trust and deception is incredibly just like Among Us’ social deduction approach. similar to Among us, on Deceit, you’re tasked to search out innocent players, build trust and survive anyhow.

Deceit is additionally a multiplayer game and includes a first-person shooter gameplay however there’s no native gambling choice not like Among us. Here, you rouse in a very dingy asylum with 5 alternative unknown players. Of all the players, two players are infected with a deadly virus and square measure on the lookout to sabotage and kill innocent players.

You, on the opposite hand, ought to build an alliance with alternative players that exclusively supported your instinct. Beware, your friend will prove to be the infected player and you will get killed. All in all, Deceit may be a quick and action-packed FPS game wherever each betrayal, suspicion, and trust keep you on your toe. i’d say, if you’re searching for a game like Among us on the computer then Deceit offers you the most effective gambling expertise.


  • Best trust and deception game
  • Total six players in a very team
  • Fast and action-packed


  • Limited to computer
  • Download: Steam (Free)

Project Winter | Among Us Alternatives

Project winter is another game like Among us that relies on betrayal, trust, and survival. Like Among us offers crewmates to finish bound tasks, here you’ve got to collect resources, repair structures, and complete a series of tasks to strengthen your power.

But bear in mind, there are traitors who have infiltrated your cluster and may earn your trust to sabotage your cluster. Traitors will unfold lies regarding your teammates and pit the survivors against one another. Basically, in terms of theme, Project Winter appears a solid various to Among us.

Apart from that, not like Among us wherever you simply get a text chat possibility, here you’ll communicate with voice chat having support for proximity location. to not mention, Project Winter is an eight-person multiplayer game so is impressive. To sum up, if you wish to play a game like Among us that includes social deception associated with survival then Project Winter is an apt choice.


  • Defend, survive and realize the traitor
  • Voice chat with proximity support
  • 8-person multiplayer game
  • Excellent visuals


  • The player base is comparatively smaller than among us
  • Download: Steam ($19.99)

Town of Salem | Among Us Alternatives

Town of Salem is one every of the simplest alternatives to Among us on android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. whereas among us permits you to play with four to ten individuals in an exceedingly multiplayer game, the city of Salem offers a most of fifteen players that makes the sport even a lot of gripping.

Not to mention, among us doesn’t have an extended list of characters, and roles are allotted randomly whereas the city of Salem permits you to select your favorite role from thirty-three completely different characters. Because the game is far larger in its vision and scope, you actually fancy the sport of trust and betrayal. a bit like Among us, here you’ll be able to be a town member (good guy), Mafia, murderer, incendiary or Neutral.

As a town member, you’ve got to guard the opposite sensible guys in your town, however, you don’t understand the hidden role behind a player. The players will find themselves being mafia or a murderer and may kill you.


  • Pick your role
  • More than thirty-three characters
  • Trust and betrayal
  • Large community


  • In-game moderation may be higher
  • Download: web, Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases), Steam ($4.99) | Among Us Alternatives

If you’re trying to find a game like Among us that will be contending on any platform then is what you wish. the sport is obtainable on the online browser and might be contending on each desktop and Smartphone. Except for the online, it additionally has an android app that has simply been discharged. App for iOS is discharged soon, according to the developer.

Now talking concerning the game play, builds on the identical construct of Among us, however, it’s abundant tougher to play. Here, you’ll be able to} play along during a team and notice the betrayer or can becomes a betrayer and deceive your own teammates. There square measure tasks that you just ought to complete, and kind of like Among us, you’ll decide a gathering to vote your enemies off


  • Play on net
  • Freely out there
  • Supports online multiplayer
  • Supports party area with friends


  • Slightly buggy as it’s in the last stage
  • Download: web (Free), android (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Werewolf online | Among Us Alternatives

Werewolf Online isn’t strictly a survivor-traitor game like Among US, however here you get to expertise numerous gambling parts. the sport helps you to collect resources and defend your village from evil forces. however, there’s a catch. you’ve got liars in your own village who are plotting to destroy your team and therefore the village. The last standing team that has ejected all the traitors wins the spherical.


  • Gather resources and defend your village
  • 16-player game
  • Survival and deception
  • Good graphics


  • Ad-laden
  • Download: Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

Secret Neighbor | Among Us Alternatives

Secret Neighbor is among the few games among us offered on the Xbox console. several gamers are posing for Among us ports on Xbox and PS4 however because of its distinctive gameplay, developers have to date avoided transportation such games to vice consoles.

The game follows six characters who sneak into the neighbor’s home, only to find that one in every one of the six players is that the neighbor in disguise.

The game gets very exciting as members begin disappearing so chaos ensues among alternative teammates. so starts the inquiry to search out the traitor among the cluster. I would say, Secret Neighbor has accumulated a good audience for its exceptional gameplay and you want to provide it a shot if you’re keen on enjoying deception games like Among us.


  • Best social deduction game for Xbox
  • Hidden role
  • Great story
  • Excellent graphics quality


  • No new assets
  • Download: Steam ($19.99), Microsoft Store ($19.99)

Hidden in Plain Sight | Among Us Alternatives

Hidden in Plain Sight is one among in every of} the most effective party games that’s very the image of Among us however will solely be vied in a native multiplayer setup. the sport will only be vying during a group of two or four players. As for the gameplay, well, you wish to accomplish tasks while not drawing attention to yourself.

Here, you have got to mix into a crowd of AI characters and complete tasks. There also are alternative gambling modes like Death Race and Elimination wherever you’re place during a conflicting position and have to be compelled to save yourself from obtaining attention.


  • Can be vied offline
  • Death Race and Elimination modes
  • One of the most effective party games
  • Easy to play


  • No single-player mode
  • Requires play controller
  • Download: Steam ($5.99)

Werewolves within | Among Us Alternatives

Werewolves at intervals may be a social deduction VR game a bit like Among us and it’s obtainable on PS4 too. It didn’t get a positive response from the gaming community; however recently, several are going back to Werewolves at intervals for its distinctive game play. You’ll play during a team of five to eight players and everybody is appointed a hidden role.

The game is pretty fast and throws you into the combo of each being a good guy and a traitor. the sport is ready during a medieval village of Gallows ton wherever werewolves’ area unit wreaking mayhem. You at the side of your teammates’ area unit transported to the medieval age to save lots of the townspeople.


  • Best Among us different for PS4
  • VR game
  • Set during a medieval village
  • Find the werewolf and save your village


  • The player base is little
  • Compatibility: HTC Vive, optic Rift, Valve Index, PlayStation VR
  • Download: Steam ($19.99)

Enemy on Board | Among Us Alternatives

Enemy on Board is another online multiplayer game that’s pretty like Among us. you’ll have a team of eight players wherever six would be the crew members and a couple of would-be picked as Alien imposters. And here too, crew members ought to realize the imposters and kill them so as to win the spherical.

That said, the Alien imposters simply mix in with the crew members that make it more durable to hunt them. Things degenerate once the spaceship’s generators are destroyed to prevent communication between crew members.


  • Team of eight players
  • Find the imposters and kill them
  • Keep communication alive
  • Decent visual quality


  • Voice chat is a glitch
  • Download: Steam (Free)

Triple Agent | Among Us Alternatives

So, you like the deceptive ways on Among Us? Well, to possess analogous expertise, you’ll be able to play Triple Agent on your automaton or iOS device. the sport is packed with bluffing, hidden identifies, betrayal, and social deduction. the most effective half regarding this game is that it is often vying on only 1 device and might embody up to nine players. every gaming session is ten minutes long wherever players are assigned hidden roles.

One is often a Service agent or a scourge undercover agent. Whereas getting into your selection, you wish to sow doubt among the players and reveal suspicious data to hide your identity. At the top of the sport, every player vote and decide the traitor. Whereas the sport might not be as exciting as Among us, it will bring the weather of deception and deduction. i might say, simply move and provide it a strive.


  • Hidden identity theme and deceit
  • Play on only 1 device
  • High-quality visuals


  • No on-line mode
  • Download: Android / iOS (Free,)


So those are our Top Among Us Alternatives picks for the list of the top among us alternatives. That said, things appear to be changing currently once the success of among us. we hope within the coming back days, we are going to see a lot of survivor-traitor sorts of games for multiple platforms together with consoles too. Anyway, that’s all from us. If you found the list useful then do comment down below and allow us to understand.