Top 10 Prank Website on the Internet In 2022

Prank Website – The Internet and social media sites are that the sole place where one will spend his/her time. Either, by looking at Trolls, Videos, or Texting. However, several of your facilitating to observe pranks and funny best pranks on the web. However, several people don’t have any idea regarding those websites wherever we are able to notice some Best Pranks. Therefore, here we’ve listed the highest 10 best Prank Websites On the web of 2022.

10 Prank Website on the Internetprank website

Pranking is largely done by people to prove the foolishness of people. This seems to be humorous for those activities and looking at the prank however North American country is extremely frustrating for the victims. The first of Gregorian calendar month is that the day that’s celebrated as April fool’s day per annum.

At the present time, everybody tries to be most cautious in order that they are doing not getting pranked since, at the present time, most are attempting to prank somebody or the opposite. These websites can take you back to your college days once everybody vie totally different pranks for the entire month of April. It’ll bring back all the chaos and delight that you just and your friends are missing for an extended time. So, let’s start with the top 10 Prank Websites on the Internet.

Fake Update

This Prank Website is best for your geeky friend who loves spending most of the time wiggling with your pc. The prank can show them a notification to change the system. All the notifications are pretended; however, they’re going to be deceived by it. The prank can try and convert them that they’re using a back-dated software package like Windows 98.

As before long as they’re tired of something with the fake update notifications, they’re going to leave you alone along with your pc. After that, you’ll once more return to traditional usage or finish the prank by pressing the F11 key.

This explicit website displays the newest screen of android, windows and iOS etc. however but it’s not an actual screen of updates however a rather good fake that may well be used so as to prank your friends.

Fart Scroll

If you wish to embarrass your friend with fake fart sounds, then Fart Scroll is going to be associated with unvanquishable pranks to play on them. It permits you to send a journal to your targeted friend. Then, whenever your friend tries to scroll the screen to read the blog, a fart noise will be produced to make him shy in front of others.

The prank website will provide you with a script or code to insert into your blog to make the prank successful. So everywhere, will we be able to say Fart Scroll is that the most unbelievable prank that you simply can use on your mates.

Whats Fake

Using this website, you’ll be able to have fake conversions which are able to look rather like an authentic WhatsApp chat.

Using this Prank Websites, you’ll be able to generate fake WhatsApp chat that appears like real ones and share them along with your friends. You’ll be able to prank your friend by making you and your crush’s fake chat and show your friends.

Or, on the opposite hand, you’ll be able to generate a fake chat with anyone they wouldn’t trust and flaunt it in your friends. Making use of this website, one will have random further as long and fake conversations which can look precisely like a clever WhatsApp chat thread.

Blow up the Phone

This is one of the most effective troll Prank Websites! enlarge your friend’s phone with anonymous texts and decisions! Use this prank call service to send many text messages and calls from completely different numbers to any mobile phone. you’ll be able to Play up your friend’s phone with texts or calls.

Send huge amounts of texts or phone calls anonymously to your friends. choose what number and the way quick they receive them. Acclaimed to be one amongst the perfect troll sites on the net. Here on this website, you’ll be able to flood your friend’s cell with unknown calls and texts.

Build use of these text/call prank links to convey not simply a whole bunch but thousands of calls and messages from distinctive numbers to any movable. One will play up the friend’s phone with texts at the side of phone calls. You can send various phone calls and messages to friends. simply check the quantity of what number and the way frequent they ought to receive


Such a Prank Website is often wont to generate the gif dance party one will share together with your friends, family and colleagues. However, this website works absolutely on desktops only.

This website shows you to make your gif dance party that you’ll share together with your friends. This website is for desktops only.


This is an excellent Prank Website that may well be accustomed send random and diverse facts with relevance to cats to friends and family. Short, however, you’ll be able to confirm the massive range of facts that may well be sent to individuals. This can be yet one more unflawed website for pranking and angling individuals.

Use this website to send facts regarding cats to your friends. Small, you’ll be able to decide the number of facts to be sent! this can be another nice trolling website.


If you wish to indicate off to your friend then tell him that you just are a hacker. Use this Prank Website to be a kind sort of a hacker and trust me your friend can believe it.

Start writing something and therefore the output can appear as if done suits having codes to anyone who appearance. The person wanting can for sure begin obtaining suspicion of you!

The Hacker Typer may be a prank website in contrast to different websites on the web wherever will you be able to} begin writing something and therefore the outcome can appear as if one can see on the hacker screen. If somebody tries taking a glance at it one can assume that you just are running some hacking codes. The people that area unit keen at observing others screens can little question are pranked.

Peter Answers

The Peter Answers could be a unique Prank Websites that is intended in such a way that might offer out screaming answers which might prank anyone. The theme of Peter Answers is a lot of like Siri from Apple however the important difference is that the difference of the answers from each other. Another fascinating truth about Peter Answers is that it doesn’t use constant declare two same queries.

This Prank website acts as sort of a pretend programme that answers all the queries asked uproariously. as an example, we tend to all have a lover United Nations agency continually annoys U.S.A. by asking U.S.A. vacuous queries. you’ll advocate them to use Peter Answers to induce their answers.

When you enter any question on this website, it offers out very funny answers which might troll anyone! The theme is somewhat like Siri however the distinction lies within the answers.

Love Calculator

This is an exquisite prank website. The link to this website may be sent to any of your friends. When the link has been sent to your friends, they’ll have access to the website where they will mention the names, they need to calculate love proportion with. at the moment you’ll successively get the names in the mail.

And it’s not done yet, at the moment can they’re going to they’ll} get a message that they need be pranked right when that the screen will flip red. This can be a great website to understand the name of the partner of your friend simply just in case you would like to understand it and that they refuse to reveal it

This is one of the most loved pranks that our mischievous friends use. the most motive of taking part in this prank is to understand someone’s secret lover. You’ll get a custom-generated link on the website that you’ll be able to send to your friends. Once the targeted person opens the link, they’ll be asked to enter their crush’s name to calculate the love proportion.

Google Terminal

The majority of the plenty use Google for gathering data specifically from any Prank Website. The Google terminal is additional of associate early 80s screen. Therefore, it’s not simply a longing screen however features a ton of hidden wonders that we all know as tricks regarding Google. Chiefly additional sort of a Google gravity movement then on.

Folks are shocked to ascertain that what quite Google computer programmes you are mistreatment. Although it’s Google however it’s additional of a novel screen that’s arduous to return across recently. What Google would have appeared like within the 80s.

This website has been created to point out the fashion of Google within the 90s. If you’ll attend this web site and search any question thereon, it’ll offer you ends up in the terminal and you’ll desire you’re back within the 80s


The above mentioned 10 Prank Websites on the Internet are a number of the exceptional prank sites and trolls on the net 2022 one will build use of. It may be used for angling friends, family or perhaps colleagues if you have got any who do attempt pranking you. Therefore, if you are doing have other websites on your mind for pranks and trolls, we’ve missed out to say, therefore do allow us to recognize if you recognize regarding. Therefore, if your area unit you’re trying to troll somebody these are the funny links to send.