10 Best Sites like CartoonCrazy

Best Sites like CartoonCrazy: Watching cartoons is amongst our greatest pastimes. And regardless of age, we still love cartoons and if you talk about the genres of cartoon shows and anime, they are getting immense with the passing day. No matter what kind of character you love to watch and admire, the cartons and anime have at least one to quench your desires, that you can call your favorite.

When we were kids, the cartons and anime were only limited to TV shows and books. However, as time passes, the kids now have a better reach to the content and hence have better potential to explore the cartoon characters and their favorite shows/series without being sitting ideally at home. Online cartoon streaming websites have been a perfect choice for those users who love watching cartoons but do not have enough time to watch them on TV. And when you think of online cartoon or anime streaming the first name that comes to mind, is CartoonCrazy.

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CartoonCrazy has been a popular website to watch different categories of cartoons and anime and you can have access to a huge library of cartoons that you can consider your favorite. However, on the internet, there are several other websites that provide the same and somehow better services than CartoonCrazy, and in this article, we are going to talk about ten such highly popular and reliable websites that you can take as the perfect alternatives to CartoonCrazy.

In case you were searching for a better and more reliable way of cartoon live streaming and want to try a website other than CartoonCrazy, this article is going to be an important read for you.

Top ten websites that can replace Sites like CartoonCrazy

1. CartoonsOn

For users who are looking to have a website that has a good database and better usability, CartoonsOn can be an excellent choice to make. Along with the cleaner UI and better support to different screen sizes, the website offers a better viewing experience by providing the least popups and ads.

The homepage of the website shows the currently popular cartoon series that you can watch right now. And if you aren’t too keen to watch them, you can easily search for your preferred one according to studio, character, and others.

2. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is another brilliant website that streams high-quality cartoons and anime series. And the thing that makes it different from many other websites available on the web is it provides the dubbed anime section to the users who love watching anime but often avoid due to the language restriction.

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This makes it an excellent choice for anime lovers. If you are looking to have a website that offers a brilliant database for both anime and cartoons, WatchCatoonOnline will be a worth visiting website for you. Try your hand on this website and you will love the overall performance of the website and the quality of cartoon streaming.

3. KissAnime

KissAnime is another excellent choice for cartoon lovers who love watching the Anime in English. With excellent streaming quality and great server connection, KissAnime provides a great user experience. So, if you are looking for a website that not only provides better streaming quality but also offers a great way to enjoy Anime made in other languages than English, KIssAnime can be an excellent choice to make.

Another excellent thing about KissAnime is the perfectly laid-out structure and easy traversing from a page to another. In other words, KissAnime is an excellent website for almost every Anime lover.

4. GoGoAnime

If you were looking for a website that has a great database and list of Anime series popular across the globe, GoGoAnime is a great website to go with. Along with the perfect usability, GoGoAnime also provides users with a perfect ad-free performance. Due to this, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Anime shows without any disturbance and at relatively better streaming quality.

So, regardless of the type of Anime you watch, the GoGoAnime will be a worthy website to go with. The cleverly laid out design, and categorized anime shows are amongst a few of the positive things that make the website a great choice for Anime lovers.

5. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is an excellent choice for those users who are looking to have a website that offers users a great list of cartoons available on the Disney network. Along with the latest cartoon characters and series, another great thing that makes Disney Junior a great website for kids is the interactive games on the website. There are plenty of old-schooled games too that your kids will love to play for hours without getting bored. Additionally, these games are great for enhancing your kids’ mental ability and imagination powers.

So, if you were looking for a website with high-quality content and great user experience, Disney Junior will be an ideal choice to make.

6. Nickelodeon

With great shows and enormous popularity among kids of almost every age, Nickelodeon is one of the best TV networks for kids. And along with the cartoons and other interactive shows, Nickelodeon also has a great website that in addition to having the cartoons, has great games and effective learning techniques that can come in handy for kids.

So, if you are a parent looking for an ideal website for your kid that can help them keep busy in activities and cartoons, Nickelodeon would be a worthy website to look for.

Try your hands on it, and your kids are going to love the content and games on the website.

7. Toonjet

For all the users who love watching classic cartoons on the web like Tom & Jerry Popeye and many others, Toonjet would be an ideal website to go with. Along with the great list of classic cartoons, you can also get a good range of modern cartoons on the website. So, no matter what your choice is, you will find Toonjet an excellent choice to make.

In addition to having a great range of options, ToonJet also offers the perfect cartoon viewing experience to users who are fed up with irritating ads and other harmful links and popups. Try your hands on ToonJet and you will be able to explore why we have included it to the list of best online cartoon streaming websites available on the internet.

8. KimCartoon

KimCartoon is another excellent choice for users who are looking to have a website handy that not only has good quality streaming but also offers better usability than the others. The thing that makes Kimcartoon a better choice for users is the easy navigation.NO matter whether you have tried your hands on such websites before, or not, you are going to love the performance of the website and you won’t find any major issues while searching for your favorite cartoon or series on this website.

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Try your hands on KimCartoon and you will love the overall performance of the website.

9. SuperCartoons

Supercartoons is a great website if you are looking to try your hands on a simple and easy to use website that has almost every single cartoon character and series. With an enormously huge database, SuperCartoons is an excellent website for users who are looking for an ad-free and brilliantly laid-out website for them. In addition to the brilliant experience, the overall streaming from the website is also a great reason for recommending the website.

Additionally, the brilliant database of cartoons is easy to navigate and you aren’t going to find any difficulty in choosing your favorite cartoon.

In all, SuperCartoons is an excellent website for all buyers who are looking to try their hands on a simple yet powerful alternative to CartoonCrazy.

10. Animetoon

The last website on our list is Animetoon. With an excellent collection of cartoons and unmatched streaming quality, AnimeToon is an ideal choice for all anime lovers out there. The website has the largest library of cartoons and anime and you won’t have to search for your favorite character elsewhere.

Choosing the server for streaming may be an issue, but if you are okay with it, you are going to love the overall performance of the website. Try your hands on the Animetoon and you are going to love the website and easy to search for a particular cartoon on it.

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The website has the least popups and you won’t find the website irritating like many other websites that are full of annoying ads and popups.


So, these were the ten most promising websites when it comes to online cartoon streaming. Try your hands on them one by one and find the one that perfectly goes with your needs and preferences. Believe us guys, you are going to admire these websites if you are a die-hard fan of cartoons and anime. Just bookmark your favorite one and you won’t have to search for a cartoon series ever again on the web.

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