Top 10 Best Alternatives to GoGo Anime for Watching Free Anime Series Online

Best Alternatives to GoGo Anime: One of the animated series that has the largest fan base is Anime. You will find Anime fans across the world and to cater to the needs of these fans, there are many websites that stream movies and TV series related to Anime. People are just addicted to this series and because of this, GoGoAnime has come up as a popular website that can stream Anime content for people. The content available at GoGoAnime is massive and its popularity is always rising.

There are many genres available and those are further classified into sub-genres so that you can find the show that you are willing to watch. The website admin also updates the website on a daily basis.

There are many other websites like GoGoAnime that can stream Anime related content for you. These websites can also let you download the content. In addition to this, you will find the services free of cost which is certainly one of the best advantages of these websites. Some of the other alternatives have a better interface as well. You can go ahead and check out the list of these websites in the section below and we are sure that you will find something that you like.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to GoGo Anime for Watching Free Anime Series Online

Below are some of the best alternatives to GoGoAnime. Check them out and go through the short review of these websites that we have shared with you.

1. PutLocker

The best website that serves as an alternative toGoGoAnime is Put, Locker. You can check out this website and you will really fall in love with it. The interface is nice and crisp. In addition to this, the site is very well maintained. The admin ensures that the website is updated on a regular basis and you do not have to worry about signing up as well.

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The content is available for download free of cost. This is probably the only website that offers you a mirror link for different servers so that you can enjoy uninterrupted services.

2. Kiss Anime

At number 2, we have Kiss Anime and this is one of the best alternatives for GoGoAnime. This website not just offers movies related to Anime but also offers many TV series that you can enjoy. One of the amazing parts about this website is the fact that there are different qualities available in which you can stream. The site is free to use for you but you will have to encounter some of the advertisements.

If you wish to stop the advertisements then you can invest in a premium subscription to the website. Go ahead and check out the categories available on this website.

3. Kuroani

Next on our list is Kuroani and along with the basic features, the website also offers a lot of extra features. You just don’t have to be dependent on the videos but there is a discussion forum here as well. You can go through all the videos and to our delight, all the videos on the platform have subtitles in this. Apart from this, there are videos that are dubbed in English as well.

You will find a small description of the video along with each link. If you are bored of Anime and if you would like to watch other cartoons then there is also a dedicated section for that. The services are absolutely free and this is certainly one of the best options available for you.

4. 9Anime

If you are looking for a website that has a really clean interface and that is easy to use then check out 9Anime. The website is clutter-free and it also offers unlimited access to movies and TV series related to Anime. Another best part about this website is that you will be able to download all the content free of cost. You can go ahead and check out the various categories available on this website another nice thing about the website is that the content is available with subtitles. You will find most of the videos are dubbed in English so this becomes one of the most preferred websites for Anime content.

5. AnimeFrenzy

At number 5, we have AnimeFrenzy and this website is available in a dark mode theme. It is a lot more comfortable to browse through this website because of the lack of blue tones in the theme. The interface is a killer and you will find a lot of original as well as dubbed content on the website. You can also engage in chat with anime fans and you can also build your video library using the website. The website is one of the best if we talk about ease of navigation.

6. Crunchyroll

Are you still not satisfied with the kind of content you have seen? Well, we have a website that has over 25,000 episodes of Anime and the number is on increase because the fact that the admin updates the website on a daily basis. The UI is very simple which makes it easy to navigate through the website. You can check out different videos in Japanese that have subtitles available. If any video is broadcasted on Japanese TV, the moderators on this website will ensure that the video is available on the website within an hour of the first release.

The only thing that we dislike about this website is that some of the content is paid content and hence you need to subscribe to the website.  You can also check out the trial version which is valid for 14 days.

7. Anime Ultima

At number 7, we have Anime Ultima and this website also has a great collection of Anime content. This includes some amazing movies and TV series. The good part here is that all the content is available with English subtitles. You can stream as much content as you want and you can also check out the rating of the content before downloading it. Another thing that you would absolutely love about this website is the ability to create your own library and add videos to the watch later section. The site doubles up as a social network so you can visit the community tab to connect with other fans.

8. Anime Planet

Next on our list is AnimePlanet and this website has a huge list of libraries and genres available for you. Apart from the usual movies, you will also find a lot of TV series on this website. If you like to read then you can check out some interesting facts about Anime Characters on this website. It is really fun to go through all those things.

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You can choose to register your account for free and this lets you create your library or a watch later list. Apart from watching movies and TV series, you can also participate in the discussions that happen in the community which enables you to find out more about the leaks.

9. Stremio

At number 9, we have Stremio on our list and one thing that we absolutely loved about this website is that they have an application for Android phones. The website offers all the content without irritating adverts. Apart from this, the website also has a lot of other content that is not related to Anime. This offers you a lot of versatility while you are browsing through the website. You can also mirror the content on your smart TV if you are using the android application.

10. AnimeLand

This is the last one on our list and it is called AnimeLand. This website is very well organized and it is also loaded with content. The only thing that we didn’t link about the website is the user interface. It feels outdated and that is the reason why we have it at number 10. You get an option to change the quality of the videos and it is also supported on the mobile as well as the website. The resolution supported varies between 480 p to 1080 p. The videos available on this website are dubbed in English so you do not have to worry about finding the subtitles either.

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Final Verdict

This was all for today and we are sure that you would have found many such websites that are worth your time. There will surely be many such websites that will help you in streaming and downloading the content. If your country has also blocked GoGoAnime because of piracy reasons then you can use any of these alternative sites. You can check out each one of these and we assure you of high-quality content.

If you know any other sites that can help others in streaming the content then do share with us in the comment section. You can bookmark this link and you can also share this webpage with your friends in order to help them in streaming Anime Content. With this, we would like to conclude the article and Thank You.

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