List of Top 10 DIP Alternatives Exercises

DIP Alternatives Exercises – The dip is primarily a chest exercise that supports developing the wealth of your chest. Dips are equal alternatives for those who perform triceps exercises. They give challenging workouts for your triceps, Pecs, and shoulders, and you do not require heavy equipment to perform these exercises.

 Dips may take a hit if you are a beginner, or you have unstable shoulders (which may lead to shoulder joint misplacement sometimes). As a preventive measure and not to be affected with unstable shoulders, you should think of these dip alternatives that can help protect your health.

A few of the following dip alternatives can be simple and sometimes can be the worse as well. But they do not affect your health in a manner that dips exercises create on continuous implementation.

Here are the very dip alternatives that you can use.

A simple push-up

This is one of the simplest dip alternatives that help beginners a lot like a warm-up exercise. There are several types of push-ups to keep all parts of your body healthy. Let us talk about the simple steps of the standard push-up method.

  • Lie down on the floor and ensure that your chest and stomach touch flat to the floor.
  • Keep your legs straight out behind you and make sure that your palms equal the chest level with the arms folded at a 45-degree angle.
  • Hold yourself for a second in the plank position and inhale slowly when you are moving back to your original position.

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Feet Elevated push-ups

This appears to be a complicated one among dip alternatives but it works well for you. Follow these steps to make your move easy towards the exercise.

  • Make yourself comfortable in a standard push-up position with your feet elevated on a bench behind you.
  • Elevate your hands to the shoulder level and with carrying entire body weight, on one hand, move slowly towards the ground ensuring that your chest touches the ground.

See how simple it is, but the only thing is you need to be very careful while moving to the ground.

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Bench press

Although Bench press is one of the wonderful and effective dip alternatives, if you do not handle the weights with care, it comes to your life. These steps might help you do this exercise at home if you have the relevant equipment.

  • Set your feet to the ground properly. Ensure your feet touch the ground so that your spine does not bend.
  • Keep your body positioned below the bars and make sure it is up to the level of your chest.
  • Bend your spine slowly such that it balances your legs and hands weight when applied on the equipment.
  • Decide which kind of position you comfort to lift the equipment with balance. Now hold your breath tight and uplift the equipment with force.
  • Slowly bring down the bar near your chest and make it touch your chest without applying any force.
  • When repeating the process again, ensure that you lift the bar with your feet effort and not through hands.

Diamond push-ups

It is a kind of push-ups often done by the bodybuilders who willing to develop their muscles around their chest area. Here we have briefed how it can be done.

  • Keep your feet high at a half-plank position and get all your hands and feet under your chest. Adjust your index fingers and thumbs in a diamond shape and elevate your arms such that it forms a straight line from top to bottom.
  • Bring your chest towards your hands without hurting your elbows and keep your back flat. Do not let your chest touch the floor and then retain your original position.

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Decline bench press

Grab a decline bench and then the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Let the bar settle by depressing your shoulders into the bench. While doing so, you need to do certain tasks that are discussed below.

  • Do a deep inhale and tighten your upper back, lats, and core. Bring the bar down to the bottom of your chest and position your elbows and wrists straight behind the bar.
  • Stop the bar for a few seconds on your chest. Ease and breathe out and drive back to your actual position.

Close-grip bench press

Lie on a bench with your feet slightly expanded and touch the ground and lift the barbell with both of your hands, ensuring that your shoulders’ width apart. The procedure for doing this close-grip bench press exercise is briefed below

  • Lift the barbell, above your chest level, and after some time, bring it down slowly to press up your chest powerfully.
  • Keep your elbows close to your sides and stress on your triceps without backing your arch.

Forward leaning dip

Prefer parallel bars for doing this forward-leaning dip exercise, once you choose a suitable parallel bar, jump up by keeping your arms straight and bring your body down by bending your arms.

  • Lean your body forward while bringing your body down in the parallel bars.
  • Do it until your shoulders reach below your elbows and again straighten your arms to lift your body; tighten your elbows at the top.

Parallel grip dips

It is somehow similar to the previous one, just like the forward-leaning dip exercise. Here you need to touch your chest to the bars you hold. Check the below procedure and do exactly to avail real benefits of doing this alternative dip exercise.

  • Keep your feet straight and hold the parallel bars tightly and lift your body up and down by ensuring your chest touches both sides of the bar. Repeat this process for some time with care.

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No lean dip

It is another leaning exercise that can be a perfect alternative for dip exercise. Check the procedure and do as exactly as mentioned below.

  • Ensure that you have a tight rope that has two rings for you to hold your hands tightly into it.
  • Lift your feet up and down with sufficient effort without leaning on any bench. Sometimes, this exercise may cause severe pain on your elbow muscle and thighs as you do not take any equipment support.

Chair dip

Worried about no finding simple dip alternative exercise! Well, this chair dip would be the best option. All you need is a chair for doing this exercise. Take a look at the below-discussed procedure on how to do it.

  • Position yourself in a sturdy chair with arms resting, flat feet on the floor and shoulder-width apart.
  • Lean slightly towards front and keep your back and shoulders in a straight position.
  • Be in a half-sit position and breathe in and out easily.
  • Retain in the same position for a second and again inhale and exhale slowly.
  • Repeat the same procedure for at least 10-15 times, take sufficient rest, and repeat it.

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Not everyone has the same body type or condition, and so not every exercise may suit all. When there are several dip alternatives for you to keep your body healthy and fit, do not risk yourselves in such unsuitable health exercises.

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