Top 10 Alternatives to Air Conditioning in 2022

As the summer arrives people look for products or tools that can keep their homes and offices cool for a long time. Day by day the temperature is changing and is affecting human lives. In such a situation it is important to look for alternatives to air conditioning. There are ample such devices that can help you to save energy and wastage of money to a good extent. It is found that almost all the air conditioners emit carbon dioxide that can hamper the atmosphere greatly.

In fact, it is estimated that about 100 million carbon dioxide is released every year and it is dangerous for both humans and the atmosphere. It is high time when we should try to control this as much as possible.

List of Top 10 best Alternatives to Air Conditioning

Ice cooling systems

Well, this is considered to be one of the best types of alternatives to air conditioning. It works in conjunction with the existing air conditioning unit. It is easy to install such a system. On the other side, using ice cooling systems will help you to save energy and save money to some extent. It saves electricity to about 95% in 6 hours every day and this is a great thing.

Ductless mini-split system

Although it is still considered to be an air conditioner there are two reasons for choosing it. The first one is that it consumes 30% of energy and the second is that they save money because they are more localized than ducted AC. They are good for cooling individual rooms efficiently. They are cheaper in price and require less effort for installation.

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Evaporative coolers

Most of us must have heard this name. It is one of the great alternatives to air conditioning. The best thing about this device is that they are portable. They are also available in various sizes and you are free to choose the one that is perfect for the room. Even the installation cost is much lower than the other ones. It is about ¼ that of the air conditioners.

Radiant heating and cooling

Most people must have heard about hydronic heating but they must not have heard about hydronic cooling. It works in a wonderful way. The cold water runs through the pipes which can be easily placed on the ceiling, floors or even on the walls. It absorbs the heat from such surfaces and helps in easy cooling. Hydronic cooling is one of the best ways to save money.

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We all must be familiar with the name of insulation. It is the process that will help you to keep the rooms cool during the summer months. It works more or less like the flask. It provides an insulating layer between the liquid inside and outside air and keeping the warmness and coolness from escaping. With this one can easily save about 80% of energy and electricity. This is a great thing.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems

It mainly relies upon the process through which the ground temperature exchanges heat with the earth by using an underground network of pipes filled with water or refrigerant. Many places in Sweden and Switzerland uses this mode of cooling. It is one of the most advanced modes of cooling the rooms and lowering the temperature of the room. The cooling is done in an environment-friendly way.

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Solar cooling

One can make use of solar cooling in a couple of ways. One of the best ways of using solar cooling is by absorption chiller. The cooling process is somehow the same as the mode of working of a refrigerator. In the present time, it is considered to be one of the common methods of cooling. It is widely accepted among the people.

Fuel cells

Most of the fuel cells run with the help of natural gas. However, chemical reactions are mainly used to create energy. If fuel cells are used it is found it will help to reduce carbon footprint and also reduce energy consumption. It is much better than regular air conditioners. It has been seen that Japan is largely using this mode of cooling and they are highly satisfied with it.

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Window film

It is actually a thin laminate film that can be installed on the exterior part of the windows of a house. If it is applied to the window screens it can help in cooling the room to about 82%. Apart from this, there are other benefits of using this system. The first one is that it reduces UV rays and the second one is that it reduces glare to a good extent. Such screens are also effective to provide a protective layer on the windows.

Biomass cooling

It is found that biomass cooling is one of the best alternatives to air conditioning. It utilizes absorption coolers and the main thing is that it is powered by biomass cooling. The best thing about using such a product is that it is a reliable fuel resource and also a renewable fuel resource. Before using it many people were confused about the concept but now they are highly preferring it for various purposes. They can effectively keep the rooms cool for a long time without any issues.

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So with all these alternatives, one can promptly choose the best product for their rooms. It can be well presumed from the above-discussion that gone are days when people had to rely upon the air conditioners that have some adverse effect on the atmosphere. But with the help of these modern devices, it is very easy to keep the rooms cool in a natural way. Regular use of air conditioners can affect the balance of the atmosphere to a great extent. There are other alternatives but the above ones are the best ones in all aspects. They will always preserve the earth and its natural sources. One can use it, as they are environment-friendly products.

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