10 Best Liposuction Alternatives in 2022

Liposuction Alternatives – Most of us are concerned with our increasing weight and fat issues in this present era. And this trouble has augmented since the arrival of unhealthy foods in our life. The change in our lifestyle is one of the reasons that have also contributed to our miseries.

Therefore, we are inclining towards the liposuction as a proper solution to these problems. But numerous liposuction alternatives will be equally good and that too with a minimal number of consequences.

So, we have got you covered with the 10 best liposuction alternatives that you can consider. Go through the details of each one of them and see what works well for you.


The process involves fat cells to get super cooled in the targeted area until they become a crystal-like structure and they get shattered. This makes it easy for the human body to flush the shattered pieces out. This process has been approved by the FDA and uses cryolipolysis technology. It is considered ideal for those patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle and can maintain their ideal weight as well.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about the side-effects. Although you may have to encounter pain, tenderness, and itching, they are likely to vanish in a week or two. The treatment lasts for 1-2 hours and it will cost you around $750. Just make sure to follow an exercise routine.


Cellfina is another FDA approved treatment that is often referred to as “cellulite” treatment. Apart from the liposuction, where the fat deposit area is targeted to deal with the bulging fat such as love handles and double chin whereas Cellfina deals with the surface level fat and it provides cellulite-like appearance on areas such as legs. During the treatment, it can be a little painful and you may have a mild aching in the treated area for up to 6 months.


This is another liposuction alternative which is as good as liposuction. Plus, it requires fewer surgical cuts as well. Unlike liposuction, this process works by liquifying the fat so that it can be easily removed from the body.

It is a preferable option as it requires a very short period to heal and that too with a minimal number of bruises. It would also help to tighten the skin around the targeted area where the minor cut was made.


In Zerona, fat cells are liquified but not destroyed. The fat then travels through the cell and comes out through a pore. The treatment may last around an hour and is reclined a little bit to the expensive side.

Well, if that’s not an issue, then you can opt for this treatment as you don’t need much time to recover after the process. Yes, the changes can be recognized after going through at least 4 sessions.


Kybella is considered to be a good option for those who want to get rid of their double chins. It is an FDA approved treatment in which deoxycholic acid is used and it targets the fat deposited area with the help of injections.

A single session usually takes about half an hour to complete. You may feel numbness and swelling in the treated area but it won’t remain for a long time. Results are quite noticeable within a month and can also enhance your face with a good jawline when the fat is removed.


UltraShape is also a non-surgical liposuction alternative where pulsed ultrasound energy is used to destroy the fat cells. The energy is used to selectively destroy the stubborn fat under the skin and it isn’t painful at all.

There’s no need for anesthesia and a session usually takes an hour to finish. Prices vary from $1,200 to $1,400 and the results can be visible after two weeks but it also varies from person to person. The process targets areas such as thighs and hips.


ThermiRF is also known as Radiofrequency fat reduction and it liquefies the fat cells with the help of radiofrequency under a controlled temperature. It also helps in tightening loose skin in the targeted area. The process is a good liposuction alternative as it works well in removing excess fat from the stomach, chin, and neck.


Vanquish is another alternative that is done with the help of radiofrequency. It doesn’t require any recovery time and has almost zero repercussions. The treatment session lasts about half an hour and is a suitable option if you are concerned with the extra fat in your abdomen and love handles.

You can observe the results within a few days but still, it would take at least 2 weeks to see a good amount of change with approximately 4-5 sessions of 30 minutes. The cost comes around $650 to $1000 for a single session.


Liposonix is a non-surgical alternative that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to destroy the fat cells accumulated on the upper layer of the skin and is quite an effective treatment for abdominal areas. Though the patient might suffer from few miseries because of the tingling as well as hot and cold sensations, Liposonix is a very promising alternative when it comes to the transformation in the body.

Accent Ultra 

Accent Ultra is one of those liposuction alternatives in which ultrasound is combined with radiofrequency. It focuses majorly on the fat cells without damaging the nearby skin tissues. To reduce the level of discomfort, an anesthetic cream is initially applied to the targeted area, which means it is also free from any sort of anesthesia.

The treatment session lasts 45 minutes and requires almost a very little recovery time. It also works well on the areas such as love handles, buttocks, arms, face and neck.


Finally, you need to comprehend what kind of result you’re looking for before coming up to a conclusion. It is better to have a deep knowledge of all the alternatives. You should also seek the recommendations of any surgeon to find out the best alternative for you. ,