10 Best Sportlemon Alternatives You Can Find In 2022

Sportlemon Alternatives is a one-stop entertainment website for watching all kinds of sports such as football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, US football, boxing, moto live and sometimes, you can watch any trending match of any sport instantaneously. Sportlemon provides easy navigation to explore the entire website and find and watch your favorite sport.

Each sport gives access to several links that straightaway takes you to the live streaming sport. You need not pay a single penny to watch sports live on this website, and it flexibly runs on any browser. It does not require any application or add-ons to use this website.

Top 10 Sportlemon alternatives 2022

Many sportlemon alternatives came into a track to watch live sports and some of them kicked off well too. The following list may help you figure out which one interests your choice. Hope you choose one and enjoy watching unlimited live streaming sports events from the list.


It is the most popular live-streaming Sportlemon alternative that allows you to watch any sports matches right from the place you are on any device. BostCast.net offers more than 130 sports channels, which are the world’s best streaming channels, to watch and enjoy sports of your choice all at the same time. The best part of this website is it offers a scheduling system such that you can schedule all your sports activities on the website.


You can open and use the MyP2P website on any device and watch any number of live streaming sports channels flawlessly. The user interface of this site is smooth and attractive; live streaming on this website is all free. Similar to Sportlemon, MyP2P also broadcasts live sports events such as football, hockey, tennis, baseball, etc.


goATDee is popular among people in the US and known to be the best Sportlemon alternative. But it does not provide that great interface as other Sportlemon provides. It allows users to watch news and entertainment videos and also allows live streaming of numerous sports activities, absolutely for free.


Feed2All mainly broadcasts live football matches and also covers other live streaming sports activities, making all watchable simultaneously. Feed2All is a special website because it collaborates with several leading live sports streaming websites for ensuring uninterrupted streaming services. The website displays the list of matches played and upcoming matches on the front page for easy reference and navigation.


A strikeOut is a uniquely designed live sports streaming website that allows you to watch multiple events of various sports all at the same time. It is one of the best sources for sports lovers that work well on multiple devices and platforms such as a mobile, tablet, PC, laptop and other handsets. You can happily watch NFL matches and other football matches such as College Football Stream, Premier League Stream, MLB Stream and more. But remember that StrikeOut requires flash player to install, or in case you already have the flash player, update to its latest version.

FirstRow Sports

If you are a soccer and football lover, you will love FirstRow Sports. But it also broadcasts several other sports but gives priority to soccer. Again, you require Adobe Flash player to be installed on your web browser after which you can watch uninterrupted live streaming sports events.


StopStream is one of the best Sportlemon alternatives that provide access to more than hundreds of live streaming sports channels to watch at your convenience. It brings several sports events on any of your mobile device or handset no matter where you are.

The user interface design of StopStream is excellent and colored in black, making the navigation easy for its users. It displays information about all sports events on the home page of the screen, making your search easy to find out the upcoming, on-going and completed sports activities.


This website offers similar features to what StopStream provides but concentrates more on providing information on on-going matches. You can experience uninterrupted live sports streaming using SportStream. No other website provides a live score like how you get in CricFree, which is provided by SportStream. Moreover, this website does not contain any demographical restrictions and opens for users from any region.


CricFree is quite popular among sports lovers for offering exciting information about live sports events, scores and schedule updates, the moment you enter the website. CricFree offers more than 12 unique categories of various sports events that allow you to watch live streaming sports events simultaneously. The best part with CricFree is it offers a chat section to interact with other sports lovers about the love you have for your favorite sports events.


MamaHD goes well on your mobile device and personal computer. Similar to other Sportlemon alternatives, it is also free to watch live streaming sports events websites from the place you live. You can watch unlimited sports events, completed sports events highlights and view game schedules absolutely for no cost. It offers numerous links to offer your favorite sports event that lets you watch the respective sports event without any redirection.

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These are the top 10 Sportlemon alternatives you can enjoy watching live sports streaming without any hassle. But there are several other Sportlemon alternatives such as RedstreamSport, Streamcomando, StreamHunter, StreamWoop, WizWig, 12thplayer, VIP League, Offside Streams, NewSoccer, SportP2P and more. More or the same, all Sportlemon alternatives offer similar categories of sports events but in a different manner.


Most of the world lives on using mobile phones and when you get a website similar to Sportlemon alternative and compatible with your mobile device or any handset. Keep going through our website and get to know interesting things about more sports events. If you have any opinion to share about any sports events or any other related activities, feel free to write to us. Your feedback is very important to us so that we meet your i.e. our viewer’s expectations and deliver proper and genuine information.