Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives in 2021

It was in the year 1987 when Microsoft first introduced “PowerPoint”. Since then it has come out with several updated features. It is a great tool in the hands of the modern man. However, in today advanced technology, people are seeking innovative all times this hasn’t left out the mighty product of Microsoft PowerPoint. In today market, you can find several PowerPoint alternatives that can perfect do the job just as MS PowerPoint do.

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 The more people will deal with this subject the more they will get acquainted with it. The people also name it as a presentation king. In short, it is such a tool that helps people to prepare a wide variety of projects compactly.

List of Top 10 Best Powerpoint Alternatives On 2021

It is a helpful tool for uniquely revolutionizing projects or events. However, there are some other PowerPoint alternatives in case it is not able to be operated easily. Let us try to gather good information about it. Here we have listed the top 10 alternatives along with its description.


It is one of the best products that are available in the market as it comes with a wide variety of updated features. It is the audience engagement platform that import slides either in PPT or PDF format.

The content is usually shared by a unique URL so that people can carry out the work in a hassle-free manner.  On the other hand, it also provides powerful and insightful analytics so that people can easily shape the future content without any issues.

Haiku Deck

The other name of Haiku Deck is”Instagram for pitch decks”. It is mainly availed by those people who do not have any prior experience in creating presentations. Rather it is perfect for first-time users. It helps the users to decide a powerful image from the vast library.

The last result is that the user will be able to produce a beautiful presentation without the involvement of any designer. It can be easily exported to PPTX format and uploaded to the Glisser dashboard. However, the user cannot avail of the free version of this product and they have to buy it.


On the other side, Visme is such a tool that helps the user to manage the presentation in a much better manner. There are about 6,000 icons and charts for customizing the projects or the work. It will also help you to create fantastic visual data and infographics into the slide deck.

The cloud-based and auto-generated URL helps the user to upload the content in the cloud. The main drawback of Visme is that the storage power is quite-low. Otherwise, the whole thing is a great one.

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The main focus of Canva is simplicity. It is a perfect one for those who are mainly creating the presentation for the first time. You can sign it for free and pick the templates. With Canva the user can prepare a fantastic presentation and that too in a hassle-free way.

It is with Canva that you can create beautiful presentations and upload them on various sites as and when required. It may not be possible with the other ones. Most of the people prefer to have beautiful and stunning presentations.

Slide Bean

No matter whether you are working as a start-up or something else if you have Slide Bean most of the work becomes easy and smooth. The users have to only upload the content and Vise will automatically convert the slides into designer ones within a short time. You can export the final result on either PDF or PPTX file. The whole thing depends upon the user. Now the whole thing will look like professional slides and people will start viewing it. You can also try with the free trial at the initial level. From the next time, you can go with the paid version.

Clear Slide

It is famous for providing a much more robust platform. It is specially focused on sales analytics than in slide presentations. It is not that cheap. The main objection that people have with Clear Slide is that it is a bit expensive but the other features are very smart and advanced in all respects. Apparently, it may be very hard to operate the file but if you once start with it the whole thing turns out to be smoother.

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Google Slides

It is also a great alternative for PowerPoint presentation that helps people to present the work uniquely. Whether you are working single or working in a team Google Slides is said to be the perfect companion for your work.

There are ample integration options for Google Slides. The main thing about Google Slides is that it always requires an internet connection for proper working. It is also counted as an awesome alternative for PowerPoint. It has also gained a good reputation in due course of time.


It is such a tool that will help people to create powerful and funny cartoon characters easily. After creating such funny things the user can easily put or upload to any place or site. The features are very cartoony and may not be suitable for professional ones. In addition to this, most of the presentations are very stylish and advanced in all aspects. This is the main thing about Powtoon.


It is denoted as the Apple version of PowerPoint. It really looks fantastic and creates sleek designs for the slides. It is also presumed to be a great alternative for PowerPoint. The files of Keynote can be exported as PPT X or PDF format. It may take some time for those people who are used to with PowerPoint.


It is a very renowned and reputed PowerPoint alternative in 2022. Its zoom function is the main thing that should be mentioned here. The final product of this presentation is so nice that it helps in creating a good impact on the mind of the people. It comes with very pretty looks and draws the attention of the people quite easily. Most of the people have started adopting it and applying the same in their presentations.

Soda PDF

A very distinctive PowerPoint alternative that has its place here in this list. This app has its own benefits such as actually getting your PowerPoint file editable online in a pdf format. Most of the time people save their ppt files in .pptx file format, but in worst-case scenarios, people in urgency save the file in pdf format and might even delete the original file. In such cases, sodapdf comes very handily, which lets you edit those pdf files on the go without any issues. Upload the pdf file, let the editor load, make your changes and download the file, as simple as it looks.

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If you are seeking the best PowerPoint alternatives in today market, this article could be your perfect guidance. So now, based on our top 10 lists any one can easily opt for the best PowerPoint alternatives according to their need from the market.

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