Games Like Pokemon Go

Games Like Pokemon GoBringing the Pokemon franchise into this real-world Pokemon Go was sent off as a free game in 2016 for iOS and Android gadgets.

From the very group that brought you one of the first area-based expanded games (Ingress), the mobile title was pushed to the highest-rated graphs in the separate iOS and Android Application stores immediately.

By making an account and catching your starter Pokemon you’ll begin a recognizable excursion to get them everything except this time your beast-getting adventure happens in your genuine world surroundings.

Games Like Pokemon Go

Games Like Pokemon Go

Vital to the Pokemon Go experience is this genuine real-world action that has your player character moving around the increased world in light of your true developments.

As you investigate you’ll experience PokeStops for things, Pokemon gyms loaded up with the Pokemon of different players, and wild experiences that are urgent in topping off your own Pokedex with all generations of the franchise.

The games like Pokemon Go have included feature comparative games that truly on increased reality and your real-world location as a focal component of their gameplay.

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Top 10 Games Like Pokemon Go

In these games, you’ll utilize your handheld gadget to unlock the mysteries of an altogether new world while progressing with or going up against others.


  • Geocaching is a quickly developing real-world expedition that utilizes innovation to urge clients to investigate nature to track down hidden caches.
  • Signing up to begin your Geocaching adventure is totally free and keeping in mind that it very well may be done straightforwardly through the site you’re the best experience will be from securing the material applications that are accessible for cell phones.
  • So what does Geocaching include precisely? Whenever you’ve enrolled a record you’ll have the option to investigate a guide of your ongoing region which will check any stores on it. By making a trip to the area players can bring the chase after a geocache confine which comes in different sizes. 
  • For the more troublesome ones, players will track down a supportive local area and an intermittent clue to guide them toward the relevant area.
  • When found you’ll have the option to open it up, sign your name on the register inside, exchange things (contingent upon the store) and furthermore mark it as tracked down on the guide and impart it to other people. 
  • Geocaching likewise gives subtleties around the trouble of tracking down the reserve and the encompassing territory which assists you with deciding whether the chase is suitable for you.

Walkr – Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket

  • Put a cosmic system into your pocket and work on your wellness while doing it as each step you take re-energizes your own spaceship to investigate the universe in Walkr -Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket for your cell phone (Android and iOS).
  • Intended to urge you to practice more this wellness application gamifies the workout gameplay as you are compensated for each step that you take with social choices permitting you to go up against others or companions with the Walkr application.

Landlord Idle Tycoon Business

  • Make a case for genuine properties in this real estate tycoon game that gives you own a piece of famous areas access to your area and encompassing region as you develop your own realm of virtual property. 
  • With its sandbox plan Landlord, Idle Tycoon Business permits players to set their own goals in spite of the fact that will principally revolve around developing your wealth and supply of property.

Zombies, Run!

  • Zombies, Run! consolidates your workout daily practice with a zombie-themed game that urges you to stay in shape by conveying a grasping story as you run in reality (while making tracks in the virtual world). 
  • Moreover, players can assist their town with enduring the zombie apocalypse by gathering different things while out in the wild to provide you additional motivation for their workout everyday practice.


  • Pulzar was an early adopter of expanded reality, bringing a missile defense game to the PS Vita in 2012 making it years in front of the opposition in the AR gaming market. 
  • Depending on the utilization of the AR Play card game this title has players endeavoring to redirect a laser bar to drive a rocket send-off and obliterate the approaching asteroid attack in the process by using the expanded reality capacities of the PS Vita.

The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves

  • The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves is accessible through the Nintendo 3DS eShop and expands on the first released in 2012 which highlighted comparable mechanics. 
  • Expanding on this unique, however, this continuation carries with it various gameplay enhancements, and extra content and even permits players to move their personality over from the authentic game. 
  • For those new to the universe of The Denpa Men, they are little weird creatures that live on the radio waves of this real world. 
  • Unfit to be seen by the unaided eye they must be situated through the 3DS where they can likewise be caught to assist you with your adventure. Supplementing this plan of outside adventure is Nintendo’s StreetPass service also which permits players to trade Denpa Men and access extra content or rewards for doing so or on the other hand fight straightforwardly.
  • The center round of The Denpa Men 2: Beyond Waves is fundamentally a riddle adventure that requires your own group of strong Denpa Men to finish. 
  • Denpa Men are different in their appearance and abilities so picking your group will at last affect how you approach the game. 
  • Denpa Men join your group by involving the camera in the Nintendo 3DS to think that they are in reality (by scanning QR codes or when close to Wi-Fi associations) and when caught will join your group.


  • Presenting creepy area gameplay is SpecTrek a game that follows your hunt after spirits in your nearby region. Wonderful to use as a fitness application or to get some funds outside the game is selective to Android. 
  • A free light rendition is accessible alongside a paid full variant. SpecTrek choices are straightforward forward permitting you to play 3 distinct sorts of games that reach from the 15 short games to the 2 extended games.
  • In the wake of choosing your ideal game length, you’ll have the option to set the game field. 
  • This field will draw a circle around your ongoing area yet can on the other hand be set somewhere else if you have any desire to move every one of the limits into public regions.
  • With the game region set, you’ll enter the game mode that is parted between a game map and the capture screen. While holding your telephone downwards you’ll be in map mode which shows your ongoing area and the area of likely ghosts on the map.


So every pokemon go fan can explore more alternatives in this list of Games Like Pokemon Go and if you still have any queries then you can drop your queries in the comment section below.