Games Like Command and Conquer

Games Like Command and Conquer – The authentic Command and Conquer (1995) was one of the early portions of the real-time technique type and for some individuals was their most memorable taste of methodology gameplay.

While the series has developed extraordinarily since this underlying release it has kept up with its prevalence for the mix of military strategies and storylines that it offers.


Games Like Command and Conquer

Games Like Command and Conquer

While these specialists have changed with each release the series by and large favors equal storylines that follow the activities of a few distinct groups and the effect of noteworthy characters inside these groups on a solitary storyline.

The games inside the Command and Conquer assortment of titles have additionally reliably centered around current fighting and units while staying away from the dream or sci-fi settings of different games in the strategy genre.

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Top 12 Command and Conquer Alternatives 2023

Age of Empires III

  • Denoting the third game in the exceptionally fruitful Age of Empires (AoE) establishment Age of Empires III proceeds with the essential courses of the series while making a few fascinating gameplay technician plans that give light RPG components. 
  • While Age of Empires III has not seen the life span of its well-known more young brother (Age of Empires II) in the multiplayer scene the title has still been appraised emphatically by the community.

World in Conflict

  • World in Conflict is a strategic methodology game that places you in charge of the Soviet Union in a military focused-in experience that centers around controlling huge blends of vehicles close by customary infantry detachments. 
  • The game was sent off in 2007 with ex-weapons that were joined together in a Complete Edition discharge. Set in another timetable expanding from 1989 where the Soviet Association chooses to seek a military course to remain as one of the world’s ruling superpowers.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds takes the well-known sci-fi Star Wars establishment into the real-time strategy (RTS) game kind. 
  • With a similar motor as the famous  Empires franchise (AoE 1 and 2), the adventure has numerous likenesses in plan and generally speaking ongoing interaction feel to that methodology series. 
  • Introduced in 2001 Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds was trailed by a development pack a year after the fact (Clone Campaigns) which add two extra groups and new campaign content.


  • R.U.S.E. is a multi-stage real-time strategy game set profound inside  World War II as Germany ends up attacked on all sides by the powers of the Partners.
  • Picking is a technique game focused on countering and the utilization of knowledge it’s different from other RTS titles you might have played already and is fittingly named after the number of ruses that you’ll utilize as a component of your methodology to trick or feign your rival.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fight for Middle earth II is set in the LOTR universe and offers a real-time strategy experience for Windows and the Xbox 360. 
  • A kind seldom investigated by film and media establishments this methodology experience gives players the choice to investigate both a decent and malicious mission as they experience the dream game world from the two sides of the contention.


  • Introduced in 2003 Rise of Nations is one of the most well-known and effective real-time strategy rounds ever with its assorted scope of civilizations and strong underpinning of RTS mechanics. 
  • Being both open to novices to the class while offering tremendous vital profundity Rise of Nations accomplished that uncommon accomplishment that a couple of games have had the option to replicate since. 
  • This achievement likewise prompted an extension pack (Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots) and spin-off game (Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends).

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War joins a profound military system with a sci-fi setting from the well-known universe of Warhammer. In light of the tabletop games, it has clear enticement for devotees of the Warhammer 40k actual tabletop war game yet it is as yet an alluring real-time strategy experience for rookies to the establishment because of the vigorous mechanics and great mission under the science fiction skin.

Company of Heroes

  • Company of Heroes (CoH) is a WW2 real-time strategy game delivered in 2006 and got to mobiles in 2020. Filling in as the primary in the series of system games players have various memorable fights to overcome with reasonable areas, units, and natural storylines. 
  • For the mission, part of the Company of Heroes players will join the positions of the US army Able Company in the later phases of the conflict in 1944.

Empire Earth

  • Empire Earth (EE) offers conveys a real-time strategy experience and is the principal game in the extensive establishment delivered in 2001. Circled back to a 2002 extension pack (Art of Conquest) Empire Earth has likewise therefore extended to various sequels with comparable core gameplay. 
  • Like the well-known Age of Empires II franchise of the day, players start from an essential period of innovation and advance through to a nano age with time (or the space age with the extension).

StarCraft 2

Once more StarCraft 2 is a 2010 real-time strategy title that grows the Blizzard franchise with new single-player crusades and multiplayer content focused around the three races of Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Initially, a paid encounter delivered in three sections the base Wings of Liberty experience, and the comparing multiplayer highlights went allowed to play in late 2017.

Warfare Incorporated

  • Warfare Incorporated is a more established real-time strategy game that was initially delivered in 2003 for a scope of working programming including the Palm operating system. 
  • With the approach of cell phones, the game was ultimately ported over to iOS (stopped) and Android gadgets to extend the tradition of the game while likewise delivering as a publicly released form called Hostile Takeover (available on GitHub).

Age of Empires II

  • Age of Empires II has a place with the immensely achieved AoE series of real-time strategy games and is ostensibly the most notable and broadly commended from the franchise that keeps on being significant today. 
  • Initially sent off in 1999 the game saw a recovery with a 2013 HD remake and a 2019 conclusive release with various extension packs en route expanding on the game content and modernizing the graphics.


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